Best in Show Decorated House Award Tradition (and Free Printable)

One of my favorite holiday traditions is getting into our jammies, sipping hot cocoa and driving around looking at decorated houses and Christmas lights. Well, a while back my friend, Kristen shared how her family created an award to give to their favorite decorated house, and I just LOVED this idea and we have done it every year since.


So, this will be our fifth year handing out a “Best in Show” award to our favorite house. I have shared our award below for you to print if you’d like. And trust me, you will make someone’s DAY when they receive this award. We have always been greeted with the biggest smiles and numerous thank you’s after handing it out and it just feels so, so good.


best-in-show-house-award-2016 <—– Click here

So, if you have yet to drive around and look at lights, print this out before you go! Or, go back to your favorite house and spread some holiday cheer.

Merry Christmas!


We just got back from our excursion and what a night! We put on our festive jammies (Okay, it is the first day of winter break and Gwyn and Cal were in their jammies all day, but I put Franklin in his!) and headed out to view some lights.

image7 image8 image6

But first, a stop to get some hot cocoa.


 I just could not get a good photo of this amazing house and the property as you could drive all around it while it lit up to synchronized music, but this is the photo of the kids’ expressions as we watched and drove around.


And this year, I let the kids each hand out a “Best in Show” award,  so of course, one of them HAD to go to this house, which Cal gladly claimed. I talked to the owner for a minute and he said it takes him 200 hours to put the lights up and 100 to take them down! That is insane! Such a service to our community. So when he was handed the award a huge smile spread across his face and man, does he deserve that piece of paper!


And this one was Gwyn’s choice.


And once again, very happy owners and recipients of the award!


If you are planning on still going out to look at lights, print this award. SO FUN!


  1. OH how fun! Congratulations!

  2. Awww, that’s an awesome tradition!!! xoxo

  3. That is such a fun tradition for you and your kiddos. :)

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