Simply Perfect Hand-Stamped Jewelry by Lilly and Grey + Discount Code

My everyday attire tends to be on the casual side since while running around with my little people I like what I am wearing to be equally functional, comfortable and stylish. So, on an average day I don’t usually wear a ton of jewelry and what I do wear tends to be pretty simple. When I came across these hand-stamped, customizable pieces from Lilly and Grey I just knew they were a perfect fit.



I absolutely love the simplicity of this necklace and the fact that I was able to customize it to hold special meaning. Since I was young, the number five has been my number. The number on my dad’s basketball jersey from twenty-five years ago that I still have is the number thirty-five, so when I entered sports and had to choose a number for myself, I always made sure it had a five in it, too.


The house number on our first home was 255, and I’d be lying if I said that wasn’t a reason I ended up voting for that home…

image7And most recently, the number resurfaced again when we added the final addition to our family, making us a family of five. It was meant to be!

So, as you can now see, this little necklace has got some punch behind it!


And, it pairs perfectly layered with the bar necklace that I wear every single day that my husband gave me which has our children’s initials on the front, and our initials on the back. All FIVE of our initials. Awww….


Lori, the owner of Lilly and Grey, is as sweet as can be and she also has these bar necklaces in her shop, so you too can get this look! These necklaces are 14K gold-filled, tarnish resistant and come with free shipping!


These make the perfect gift or addition to your own wardrobe. So far I have been wearing mine daily and am loving it! PLUS, Lori is giving all Lady’s Little Love readers 20% off in addition to the free shipping! Use code TAKE20 at checkout. Shop small and support this wonderful business!

Check out all of Lori’s handmade jewelry HERE and her Instagram HERE.

Happy shopping! :)



  1. So simple yet super cute! Love little dainty accessories like this.

    xo, Jessy |

  2. Can you customize what you want stamped on them? Really cute :)

    • Sarah, yes! You can! The number 5 is special to me, so I chose that. But you can customize whatever you’d like! Just contact Lori and I am sure you will be very happy!

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