Baby Franklin Turns Twelve Months!

My baby turned one this week!




And you know what those jerks at did? They changed my baby updates to TODDLER updates.


He is still my baby and will be for years to come.


So, as I have done every month for the past year, here is the update on our sweet BABY.



This little baby will eat just about anything. He’s starting to turn his head to pureed baby foods and just wants the real deal all the time. Some of his favorites for breakfast include bananas, grapes, any berry, squeeze pouches, (we call them squeezies) Cheerios, Kix, pancakes, waffles and recently he is liking eggs. For lunch he loves the Costco Vegan Superfood burgers! And since I am a fan, we share a couple of these  almost every day recently. He also really likes Lara Bars, green beans, baby puffs, fruits, Baby Bel and string cheese, and for dinner he eats what we do, but also enjoys the little Gerber baby meals when I need something quickly.

Oh my goodness he looks huge here!


He’s also now starting to drink almond milk in addition to nursing as I am weaning him. Actually, he is weaning me, which I am absolutely not used to. With both Gwyn and Cal, I weaned them on my terms once they were both a year old. My goal was to nurse Franklin for a year as well, and it’s been a challenge. In the last month he’s been naturally wanting to wean himself and I am the one holding on for dear life. My goal was to get to his birthday. And we made it. I am currently only nursing him in the morning and while bittersweet, I think I am okay with him now deciding when we are finally done. Which I think will be any day now.


He’s drinking almond milk as opposed to whole milk because after trying whole milk we discovered he is still really sensitive to dairy which left us with numerous super pleasant diapers every day. After switching to almond milk he started digesting normally again, so almond it is!

When I put him in this chair for these photos, he looked at me like, “Pfft. Amateur. I’m out of here.”





Ahhhh. (Almond) Milk. That’s the ticket.


He’s wearing size 18 month-2t clothing, size 2 shoe, and will not keep a hat on his head to save his life. He is in the 89th percentile for height and 91st percentile for weight.


He loves walking with his walker, getting around the house by holding onto things and walking, and is a whiz at going up the stairs, and as of a few days ago, is a champ at going down them, too.


We had a nice poo incident a few days ago. I didn’t put his diaper on tightly enough and when I went to change him, poo got ev-er-y-where. Up and down his legs, all in his clothes and sleep-sack, on the mat, on my hands, on his feet. It was awesome. Add all of that onto a barrel-rolling baby and you’ve got one stressed-out, gagging mama.


He loves playing with blocks, the toy kitchen, water bottles, the packaging to items we bring home from Costco, rolling balls to you, playing fetch, climbing stairs, and baths. Oh he loooooooves baths. His little feet kick so fast with excitement. Ugh it’s so cute.


His nicknames include Frankie, Frankie Baby, Frankie Mo, Frankalino, Frankerini, Cranklin, King Cranklin (when he’s being super fussy) and Franko.


So last month I mentioned how this little dude prefers my husband and I equally. Well, I may have to recant that statement. This little baby truly adores his daddy! His ideal spot is in his daddy’s arms, but looking at me. The other morning my husband went to get him out of bed, and when he passed him down into my arms so I could nurse him, all he wanted was back in his daddy’s arms.

I am so not used to this! Both Gwyn and Cal always preferred me, so while it stings a little, (I guess) I am happy for my husband to get to experience that feeling because it truly is incredible! And he sure does soak it up. They really do have a special bond.

And just for fun, looking at these photos over the last year…

image5 image6 image7 image8

image1 image2 image3 image4


  1. Ah, congrats to your sweetheart! Crazy how time flies and how fast 12 months go by! Our kids make us see even more how time just runs by!
    Love all the photos! Especially the ones that show his growth! Amazing!

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