Get in Front of That Camera, Mama! (in this great mini session )

The weather is cooling off, the leaves are starting to turn and the pumpkin spice lattes are out in abundance, and to me these are the first signs that we are now moving into the holidays. And with the holidays come our annual family photos, some of which we always use for our Christmas card.

With Franklin about to turn one, this is also the perfect time for our family to capture not only our little man achieving this milestone, but our family having grown another year.

Looking back, I am so thankful to have documented our journey in welcoming our final little baby and I have Heidi of Glimpse Photography to thank for all of that.

She captured my pregnancy with Franklin beautifully and the love and excitement within our whole crew during that time. She even provided the gorgeous gown! (Full photoshoot HERE and HERE)

Morscheck Maternity_small-3

Morscheck Maternity_small-13


Morscheck Family_small-10

She then took Franklin’s newborn and our first ever family of five photos and my goodness was Heidi a blessing to work with! These photos were taken the day after a massive windstorm in Spokane, leaving most of our city without power. But you wouldn’t know it from these photos! Heidi did a beautiful job from the comfort and natural light of our own home, which was special in itself. (Photoshoot HERE)

Newborn Blog-59

Newborn Blog-2

Newborn Blog-14

Newborn Blog-18

After that came Franklin’s milestone photos and we were able to experience Heidi’s wonderful studio and all of the various props, backgrounds and accessories she provides. You really don’t need to bring much to her studio and she truly has a bit of everything. (Photoshoots HERE and HERE)







And remarkably, here we are a year later after starting this wonderful journey. It’s bittersweet knowing we are about to take Franklin’s one year photos. But I am also excited to see how Heidi captures the love and excitement our family continues to  have for our sweet boy. The love and joy captured during Franklin’s newborn photos has only multiplied and become that much sweeter.

And if any of you are like me, then you are primarily the one behind the camera, and not in front of it. So many times I find myself being the one snapping away thousands (yes thousands) of photos to remember our family by, only to find myself in just a handful of them. Which down the line, I just know I am really going to wish I had more of.

Thankfully, there are photographers out there who know how to take beautiful and affordable photos in a time frame that is suitable for families like Heidi is currently offering with her mini session, which is just in time for those Christmas cards. I have been SO happy with the work Heidi has done for our family, and I just know you too will be happy with your photos as well.

So go ahead, get in front of that camera, mama!


Check out the details above and then go HERE to book your spot.

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  1. Love, love, love these images! What a cute family.

  2. Beautiful shots! Love your maternity shoot photos! :)

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