Diaper Changing Made Simpler Thanks to Snoofybee


Now that Franklin is getting a little older, things are getting easier. He is able to entertain himself by playing with toys, he enjoys being mobile and he is feeding himself as well. We’ve gotten things (for the most part) figured out with this little babe, except for when it comes to changing his diaper.

Barrel rolling, back arching, and leg kicking are all regular occurrences when it comes time to change Franklin’s diaper, and unfortunately, that isn’t even the worst part. He also tends to be pretty explorative with his hands during a changing, making things even harder.

So when I saw the Snoofybee changing pad online, a little piece of hope dangled in front of me.


The Snoofybee is designed to keep little hands clean while also keeping the child distracted long enough to get the job done. And you guys, this thing delivers!  I am finally able to change my baby in peace.

The mat around his waist prevents him from grabbing anything he shouldn’t be so that I can change his little buns without any added distractions, and there are also two rings that you can attach small toys to distract the baby with, which I thought was genius. I always try to give Franklin something to hold while I change him so that it keeps his hands busy, but the little guy is known to throw the toy overboard and then whine for it back, giving me one more thing to try and juggle. With Snoofybee, the toy is attached right there by his face and since he is shielded from what I am doing behind the little mat, he stays distracted by the toy.






It took a few times of using for both of us to get the hang of it as Franklin still wanted to barrel roll once I put him down on it, but as soon as I attached the mat around his waist and gave him the toy, all was well in the world.

Because I use it everywhere, it really would be nice to have one to keep in our diaper bag and one to keep in his room so I’m not running back and forth trying to remember it when we leave the house. I HATE when I forget it or have to change him without it. It’s a serious workout!


Not only is this thing functional, but it’s also super cute and it comes in a variety of colors and patterns. 


We give a round of applause to the Snoofybee for making our lives easier while diaper changing!


Visit their website HERE to order your own

And their Facebook page HERE  and Instagram account HERE to see more photos of how this product will make your life so much easier.

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