Baby Franklin Turns 10 Months

Ten months. Our baby is now ten. freaking. months. Just madness, I tell you. And the first fun fact about Franklin that I must share right away is that he said “MAMA!” WAHOO! Finally! I give this kid my blood, sweat and tears and for months it was all “Dada.” 😉


This baby is on the MOVE. He is everywhere. Up things. Down things. Over things, Under things. In things. On top of things. There’s no taking your eye off of him for a second.


“MoooOOOm… ”


I finally smartened up and gave him a distraction to hold during these photos because this babe was not feelin’ the “hey, let’s sit down and chill for a minute” idea.


There isn’t much that this little babe doesn’t like to eat. For breakfast he usually has oatmeal and a banana or apple sauce. For lunch he likes avocado, green beans, peas, little bits of soft meats, bits of cut up fruits of any kind, and pureed food as well. And for dinner he either has pureed food or a lot of the time he eats what we do.


The separation-anxiety phase has ceased, though he still prefers mom and dad if given a choice.


He is wearing anything from 12 month on up to 18 month clothing and I still don’t put shoes on the kid.


He loves to be outside and if he can sit on the grass and pull it, he’s a happy camper. He also enjoys putting everything in his mouth, splashing water, playing peek-a-boo, riding around in stores and swinging at the park.


Oh! Oh! Oh! He now claps and makes kissing noises which we all just love. If you clap or kiss at him, 9/10 times he will do it back and it is to-die-for.


His nicknames include Frankie, Frankie Baby, Frankie Mo, Frankie Doodle,  Frankalino, Frankerini, Cranklin, King Cranklin, and I find myself calling him Franko more and more.


He goes to bed at 7 pm and wakes up at 7 am, and if he’s not up by 7:15 am, which is often, I wake his little buns up.


He naps from 9:15 am-10:45 am and again from 1-3/3:30, and is nursing about three times a day.


He is completely refusing to nurse off of my right side now, though, so I am lopsided. Which is awesome.


And that’s about it!

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  1. So cute!

  2. Adorable!! And gorgeous chair!

  3. That chair is so pretty!! Thanks for sharing – I’m a new fan of your site! :)

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