Baby-proofing (or Pet-proofing!) With Style

Now that Franklin is mobile, we are having to baby proof the house. Our older two were no longer in need of baby-proofing items at our new house when we moved in, so as it stood, this place was a danger zone.

I quickly covered the outlets, bought materials to baby-proof the fireplace and cabinets, and the last thing I was in need of was a baby gate for our stairs. At our last house, the baby gate we purchased was fine and worked well, but it required drilling a hole in the side of our wall to install and ended up tearing a rather large hole from being leaned on.  If we weren’t careful, it also pinched our fingers while trying to lift it up and if I am being picky, which I am, it also wasn’t the most attractive thing in our home.

With two older kids who would need to be able to use it efficiently, I was in need of something pretty specific. So, I scoured the internet for the perfect gate and that is when I came across The Stair Barrier. 


You guys. This thing is LEGIT. It is a fabric baby (and pet!) gate that doesn’t require any holes in our walls, is incredibly easy to set up, and IT LOOKS GOOD IN OUR HOME.

I know. It almost doesn’t seem right.


Here is our staircase. Clearly, a danger zone for our little babe.


And here it is with The Stair Barrier set up! I mean, the colors and design completely coincide with my style of decoration, it’s easy to set up and take down, AND can easily be used in various locations. I was also looking for a gate that I could use outside on our deck to prevent my little babe from going down the stairs. Because The Stair Barrier comes in numerous colors, designs and materials, I was able to find an indoor/outdoor option (like the Onyx design I chose), so I was killing two birds with one stone when I was completely preparing  to buy two gates. Now, I don’t need to!





The buckles easily attach to each side of the banister and cinch up tightly to prevent anyone or anything from slipping through the sides, and when not in use it very neatly and easily rolls up to one side. While intended to be used from banister to banister, it can also be used between a banister and a wall. It’s also designed so that little ones cannot pull it down to climb over, either.




What I also love is how transportable The Stair Barrier is. Due to Franklin’s mobility, when we go to a friend’s house for a playdate the first things I look for are their stairs. It would be kind-of silly for me to bring a typical baby gate to their house as they’re not the easiest things to tote around, but The Stair Barrier truly is easy to do so.

Here it is set up on our deck:

image1 copy

image2 copy

I feel so much better now with the kids leaving the back door open knowing my babe is safe!

image3 copy


Check out their many fabrics and designs (you can even personalize one, too!) on their website and get free 48 hour shipping. Another thing I LOVE is that all of the baby gates are made in the United States from recycled bottles! How cool is that?!

To check out more pictures and get more info on these amazing gates, you can visit their Facebook page HERE, their Instagram account HERE, watch videos on their Youtube channel HERE, and look at ideas for your own home on their Pinterest page HERE.

And there you have it; a normal eye sore turned accessory!


  1. Childproofing is definitely important when you have very young kids at home. Safety is a priority.

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