My Newest Obsession- The Bentgo Box

 About a month ago I ordered these Bentgo Boxes for the kids and I am obsessed. I normally make the kids’ lunches the evening before on a plate and cover it in saran wrap. The problems I encountered with doing this were that the big plates took up a lot of room in the fridge, sometimes the foods would spill out, I was using up a lot of saran wrap, and if we ended up having lunch at the park I’d have to transfer everything to their bigger lunch boxes.

So when I came across these Bentgo Boxes online and read the reviews, I jumped all over them.



They truly are such a great size and stack so nicely in the fridge. The little tray is removable and is dishwasher AND microwave safe. It also has a rubber lining so that nothing leaks and comes with a two-year warranty.


Also, if you put something warm in one compartment, the steam from that food doesn’t affect the other compartments. One day I put warmed turkey dogs in the large compartment and had Pirate Booty in another, and the Pirate Booty was still crunchy!


Now, I will say that these are not suitable for older kids. These hold enough food for my kids now, but I would guess that by maybe age…. 8-10? it might be too small. And when Gwyn reaches that age, Franklin will have inherited a blue Bentgo box. :)


These were also perfect for housing snacks when we went on a plane a couple of weeks ago. They were all in one spot, the kids could easily pull these in and out of their backpacks on the plane and they enjoy the variety in all of the little compartments.


So there you go! My newest little obsession. Get yours HERE 


  1. I would love those for MYSELF! 😉

  2. These look great! I wish they were a little bigger for my elementary boys, but then I looked at the price and it kind of blew me away. These kinds of boxes are awesome, but they are all so expensive! Man. I need to look for some with functionality but a bit less than $30/box! Though I know you get what you pay for…

  3. Those are so cute!! And that’s such a great container for storing food in the fridge. I wish they had bigger sizes for grown ups!

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