How to Unclog a Drain Like a Boss

A little while ago my husband had to leave town for a week for work, and this mama was flying solo with the three kiddos. I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t dreading his departure because it would be my first time alone with three for that long.

But, to get through the week, I planned easy meals for the kiddos and I (who am I kidding, I just snack all day long when my husband isn’t home) so my dishes were minimal, leaving me with one less chore.

One thing we did do, though, was make cookies for our neighbors. And that resulted in a clogged drain leaving me with a sink full of cookie dough water.

So apparently, you can’t put egg shells down the drain. Didn’t know that! And this happened on day two of him being gone, and I just couldn’t leave a sink like that for another five days, so I had to buck up and take matters into my own hands.

And with the help of a friend sending me a tutorial, I was ready to tackle this problem myself. I also decided to video my attempt  in the case of a victory I would have proof to show my husband, for bragging purposes, of course. :)

I wasn’t planning on sharing this, but maybe there’s another someone out there who comes across this same predicament. So, please feel free to fast-forward the slow parts, and please excuse my language as well.


And in case you were wondering, I did send this video to my husband and after viewing it I received a very excited phone call stating how he has never been more in love with me.


The little things…


  1. Rock on mama!! I would be freaking out too! I’ve never had to unclog a drain before, but at least now I’ll have an idea of what to do. 😉

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  3. I can just imagine your husband seeing that video! We just unclogged our kids’ bathroom sink the other day and pulled what had to have been a full head’s worth of hair out of it. I have no idea how they aren’t bald based on what we saw down there.

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