Baby Franklin Turns 9 Months

Our little babe is 9 months! Three-fourths of the way to being a year old. This is crazy talk!


This little babe has 6 teeth and is gnawing on any and everything he can.


He loves eating just about anything in itty-bitty, cut-up form. Bananas, strawberries, all other berries, avocado, some softer meats, green beans, peas, corn, pancakes, waffles, sandwich bits, and more.

image5 copy

He’s going through a separation-anxiety phase. We stayed with some friends and family in Nevada for a week and a half and any time I would walk away from his highchair he’d cry. So, we spent a lot of time together. :)


He’s wearing 12 month clothing and no shoes.

image4 copy

Aaaaaaand we officially have a crawler! Truly, it is bittersweet. I mean, I AM excited for the little dude. And I just think he looks so cute when he crawls. But……. he’s mobile. So, we are currently baby-proofing the house.


He loves being in any kind of water and splashing, riding around in the Bjorn, being outside, cruising around in stores, playing peek-a-boo, and rough-housing with dad.


He took his first flight a couple of weeks ago. And it was TERRIBLE! It was right before his afternoon nap, and there I was thinking he’d just fall asleep in our arms on the plane. NO! That definitely did not happen. Instead, he cried, fussed, and squirmed THE ENTIRE TIME. We walked him up and down the aisles, and stood in the back of the plane. Thankfully we had nice attendants and they let us just hang back there!

But, the flight home was the BEST FLIGHT we’ve ever taken with kids. Ever! So, it about equalled out.


His nicknames include Frankie, Frankie Baby, Frankie Mo, Frankie Doodle,  Frankalino, Frankalicious, Cranklin, King Cranklin, and I find myself calling him Franko more and more.


Thankfully, the scream-screeching has ceased. And it’s been a whole month since he’s pooped in the bath! That deserves a high-five, people!

image2 copy

Taking these chair pics were pretty tough. The little guy just wanted to fling himself out of that chair! Don’t you know there are consequences for your actions, little baby?

image1 copy

So you can only imagine the ridiculous noises and faces I was making at this baby to startle him into staying in the chair.

image3 copy

Big sister was right by his side, though, just in case. She is SUCH a good helper!



  1. Cute baby. Awwww. :)

  2. Aww such a handsome little man! Time flies doesn’t it?

    La Belle Sirene

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