Our July 4th, 2016

For the past ten years I have gone to Twin Lakes for the Fourth of July.

My husband went there as a kid, we went there while dating and then married, and we now take our kiddos there as well. It is one of my absolute favorite weeks of the whole year.

I love how many outdoor activities there are to do, the family time we get to have, and how we all have zero cell phone reception. It is glorious!

There is also an abundance of wildlife and scenic views as it is truly a breathtaking  spot.

One thing I had set out to do this year was to catch a decent-sized fish. I have had pretty bad luck the last few years in doing this, as any time I had come close the fish either got off the hook at the last second or my line broke while reeling it in. And after watching old guy after old guy strut around with their buckets and buckets of giant fish, I had had enough.

So while out kayaking with the husband, I dropped in a line. image9


At nap time, I dropped a line off the dock.


And after fter the kiddos went to bed, I dropped a line out on the boat.
image1 copy

Finally, while out one evening with my husband, I finally caught my fish. a 19″ rainbow trout. And I was exciiiiiited!


The kiddos were into fishing, too, which was pretty great, and luckily, they each caught a couple off the dock.





image9 copy

image10 copy

A new addition to our fun this year was the Super Mable. Cal really took to this and wanted to go faster and faster all while flailing his body around. I think we have a thrill-seeker!

image8 copy

image7 copy


And Gwyn. My sweet Gwyn. She and the boy-next-door hit it off and spent a ton of time together.


image5 copy

image3 copy 2

He even brought her flowers one evening…

image6 copy

Another evening activity, I’d say mostly for the entertainment of the adults, was making obstacle courses for the kiddos.


And we play games galore. Pinochle, Cribbage and Rummikub were the top games this year (and Uno and Old Maid with the kiddos), but a new game was introduced that had our tummies HURTING from all of the laughter. You order THESE dental things from Amazon, each person writes out phrases or words you think might be difficult to understand, and then you put the devise in your mouth and try to get your partner to guess the phrase you chose at random.

image2 copy 2


I don’t know many Grammies who get down with a little Twister fun like this one does!


image4 copy



And this girl, who had never maneuvered a kayak by herself in her life, hopped in this baby and took off like a pro around the lake. We were all very impressed!


image2 copy

image3 copy


My lone chair at the end of the dock… quite peaceful!

image1 copy 2

I am already looking forward to next year!


  1. Sounds heavenly! Just what a vacation should be.

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