Baby Franklin Turns 8 Months

Our sweet Baby Franklin is now 8 months old! It’s a little crazy to think he is 2/3 of the way to being a year old. Weren’t we just debating whether or not to add to our family? It’s so hard to imagine life without this little guy!



 In the last couple of weeks his four top front teeth have popped through. Four! So he’s got a total of six now. 

image3 copy

He is enjoying all sorts of new foods these days, not just in pureed form. Avocados, peaches, berries, grapes, sandwich pieces, peas, and green beans to name a few.


In the last few weeks he has started to really prefer his mom and dad. While I want him to be comfortable with others, since he IS our last babe, I am not minding it too much. :)


He is wearing size 12 month clothing and the kid never wears any shoes.


He still loves his baths and took his very first one in the big bath with brother and sister a few days ago. He LOVED IT. He thought splashing in the water with them was hilarious and in his own little way it seemed like he felt “cool” being with them.


His nicknames include Frankie, Frankie Baby, Frankie Mo, Frankie Doodle,  Frankalino, Frankalicious, Cranklin, King Cranklin, and I find myself calling him Franko more and more.


He’s rolling across the floor like a boss. Gwyn and Cal were crawling by this age and I find myself relieved a little bit that he’s not. I like knowing he doesn’t get too far too quickly…. yet. I know my days are numbered.


He thinks it’s hilarious if you shake your hair around in front of him, loves playing peek-a-boo, swimming and being outside.

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This little stinker is known to poop while taking a bath. And it freaks me out every time! This usually consists of me immediately picking him up and screaming for my husband while holding him over the water, and luckily my husband so graciously cleans it up while Gwyn brings in the wipes. We’ve got this routine down, unfortunately. :)

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He’s got this fabulous new scream/screech he does when he wants your attention. It’s quite startling!



This little guy is so lucky to have these two as his older brother and sister. They are so sweet with him and are truly a great help!


  1. Awww, what a sweet little guy! Love his smile. :) And side note, really love that chair!

  2. Love his smile, he is so cute. What a fun age!

  3. What a cutie pie! All three of them are pretty adorable! Happy 8 months baby Franklin!

  4. How cute! He is precious. I remember reading your post about sleep training and am now finishing up our baby registry for baby #1 coming in November and remember you said you used a sound machine for when it was bed time!! Do you recommend the brand/model you have and if so, what is it?! Thats one of the last things I need to register for and I haven’t been able to pick which one is a good one! TIA :)

    • Anonymous says:

      Hi Chelsea, thank you! And congrats to you! I use the one from Walmart! It’s in the home Spa section, not in the baby section, and for the price it’s a pretty good machine! I like how slim it is so that it travels easily, and is also battery operated as well as can be plugged into the wall.

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