Those Magic Necklaces…

I don’t remember those magic necklaces being a “thing” when Gwyneth was a baby, but I do remember them when Cal was.

I noticed these necklaces on baby girls AND baby boys, and once I learned what they were, all I could do was roll my eyes.

A necklace helping with teething pain? MMmk. Moving on.

You know which ones I am talking about, right? The baltic amber teething necklaces that are supposed to release natural properties to relieve teething pain and help with drooling and fussiness.

I never even so much as considered putting one of these on Cal.

Fast-forward to Franklin’s four month check-up as our pediatrician looked him over in his drool-soaked onesie. This is when she told us about her two one-year-old twin granddaughters and how they both wear teething necklaces. I then asked her if she truly thought they worked, and she replied that yes, she did.

My husband and I were both in the room when she told us this, and since Franklin had been pretty fussy lately, we figured, what he heck. Couldn’t hurt anything, right?

We drove straight to a local boutique that sold them, and I went in and bought it. But once I came out and my husband saw what I had purchased, something along the lines of, “There is no way my son is wearing a necklace!” came out.

My husband thought our pediatrician was referring to a necklace that I would wear that our baby could gnaw on, not one that our baby would actually wear.

Still, I insisted. And you know what? The fussiness subsided. And so did the drool!

The next day I went somewhere without Franklin, and as I was preparing to go, my husband removed the necklace.  I didn’t argue, because, well, I didn’t have to deal with it!

When I got home, though, you know what I noticed? The necklace.

It was back on.

And when I asked my husband about this his response was, “He got fussy….”

He too, was now a believer in the magic necklace.

It has been two months now that he has been wearing it and he no longer drools out his clothes. As in, he doesn’t even wear a bib to catch the drool, whereas before I could wring those things out.

I can’t even really believe I am now a firm believer in these things, but alas, I am.

The magic necklaces work.

Franklin’s two bottom teeth popped through a couple of weeks ago, and the only way I realized he was getting teeth was because I felt them with my finger. Other than that, he was showing no symptoms.

The magic necklaces work.

Before Gwyn and Cal’s birthday, my husband asked if we could take the necklace off. I agreed, but decided to put it in my pocket, just in case.

Mid-party, my husband approached me stating Franklin was super drooly, and out of the pocket the necklace came, much to everyone’s enjoyment.

The magic necklaces work.

I have heard that these necklaces don’t work for all babies, but yes. It works on ours and I will definitely recommend them to any mama whose baby is suffering from teething pains!

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  1. My daughter has never really been a terrible teether so I never tried these, but I’m definitely open to it if our future children struggle! I guess it doesn’t hurt!

  2. That’s crazy!! I’ve seen a few babies with them on, but never really knew what they were for. I’m glad it works with Franklin :)

  3. Wow, that’s amazing! I’ve always wondered how well these necklaces work.

  4. Yeah, both of my kids have used them and I think it does relieve the teething pain. I’m not convinced that is cures it completely but it definitely helps!

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