Sweet Gwyn Turns 6

On Monday our sweet Gwyn turned six.

Six years ago, I gave birth to this girl, my first baby, on Mother’s Day. And she was the best gift imaginable. She continues to be such a gift to our family and there is definitely a reason she was our first born.

Gwyn had been looking forward to her birthday celebration at school all year. And since her birthday is one of the last of the year, it was a looong wait. So on the day of, she pinged out of bed bright and shining, ready to seize.

image1 copy

Students are allowed to bring a non-perishable goody for the class instead of edible treats, so when I saw these bubbles at Walmart in packs of 6 (one of each color) I stopped dead in my tracks and gave myself a high-five. It wasn’t until I started adding a little festive ribbon to the bottom of these before taking them to her school that I realized they were taking on the shape of something…. questionable? But, it was too late now, to school they went!

image2 copy

At school, the birthday child is allowed to invite a guest of their choice to come in and be the Royal Reader and read a book of the child’s choosing to the class, all while being dressed up as royalty. Now, I promised my husband I would spare any pictures of him dressed up as such royalty, but man,  they are good. And he played the part, too.


Cal was able to sit in on the fun, too. Doesn’t he look like one of the kids? He just looks so big to me here!


That afternoon we had our family birthday celebration with our girl. She chose to go to a trampoline park, so we jumped our brains off. Well, most of us did. I realized I am not quite ready for so much jumping yet… so I just hit up the obstacle course. :)


And out of nowhere, this girl started doing flips into the pit, over and over. When did she get brave enough to do that?! She continually impresses me.





We went out to dinner, and then out to ice cream where she was able to open a couple of gifts. And doesn’t she look adorable in those glasses? She punched out the lenses in her sunglasses and decided to wear these all evening, and I thought she looked quite cute!


image4 copy



She was pretty dang excited to finally get her own pair of roller blades. Her brother got a pair for his birthday, and she has been borrowing them daily and picked it up really quickly. She is a little rollerblading queen!

image3 copy

This girl is such a little mommy. She loves being in charge and helping to take care of her little brothers. She is into riding anything with wheels, crafts, reading, building forts, little “things” of any kind, playing outside, gardening, purses, dressing up, and doing subtraction problems.

She is intelligent, strong, compassionate, loving, and such a joy to our family. Happy Birthday, Sweet Gwyn!


  1. Aw, happy birthday to your sweetie! What a cutie! 6 is such a great age!

  2. Happy Birthday, she is adorable!

  3. So sweet! It looks like you had such a lovely time!

  4. Awe. Happy birthday! It looks like she had such a fun day. Those bubbles are hilarious!

  5. So special!! I spy “The day the crayons quit”… A favorite of ours too. Brielle dies every time at poor naked peach crayon!

  6. Visiting from #MMBH. So sweet! What a special daughter and a fun, fun birthday you shared!

  7. Happy Birthday, Gwyn!!
    It sounds like the birthday girl had a blast, and how fun that she had her family with her on her special day at school. Those royalty pictures sound fun too. :)
    Thanks for sharing with us at #MMBH!

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