My Five Minute On-the-Go Hair


In high school I used to wash, dry, and curl my hair every. single. day.

Flat irons weren’t a thing yet (does that date me?) and with a bit of a natural wave to my hair, if I let it dry naturally it was quite the poof of not-so-goodness. And if I just blow-dried it without curling it, I had another poof of not-so-goodness. So, curling I did. Every day.

Once I went to college I discovered hair gel, and with my bit of a natural wave, I was able to get away with doing the scrunch look every now and again, but I HATED how it made my hair feel. Hard and crunchy. It also looked hard and crunchy, which wasn’t my favorite, either.

It wasn’t until I was a mom that I discovered how to do my hair without taking an hour to blow dry and curl it, or without leaving the house with crunch head.

I’ve been asked what products I use so I thought I would just share it all. Here we go!

I keep a comb in the shower at all times. One that looks like this:

And after I wash my hair, I comb through it in the shower, and then not again after that. I repeat, do not comb again once out of the shower.

I put my hair in a towel while I get dressed, but no longer than that. And don’t dilly-dally, either. I’d say I only keep my hair in the towel for about 2-3 minutes so that it’s still pretty damp.

Then, I take the towel off and shake it out a bit before running my fingers through my hair to get out any big snags or awkwardness my hair might have encountered while in the towel. I then put a nickel sized amount of Deva Curl Light Defining Gel into my hair, scrunching upward.  Because my hair is thick and long, I end up using about two nickel sized helpings. So, this bottle lasts quite a while.


After that, I pin one little piece away from my face with a bobby pin, and that is just because I don’t like both sides of my hair in my face at the same time. If I pin my hair up first to dry a bit, then once it is removed it tucks behind my ear with a little more volume.

I then walk away and continue on with my morning. When my hair is partially dry, I come back and curl some of the front pieces, making sure to leave some wavy ones as-is to give it that beachy look. I use this curling iron and like it best out of all the ones I have tried.

Then, once the piece that I pinned up is mostly dry, I take the bobby pin out and put that portion of hair behind my ear. Sometimes I will leave the bobby pin in, too.

I also started sleeping on a silk pillow case a few months ago as I heard it helps to keep your hair fresh longer. And I would have to agree! I tend to be a warm sleeper, and this thing stays cool at night so that I don’t sweat, causing some raging bed head. My husband tried it one night and has asked me to get him one now, too. In fact, he’s asked several times. On it, hon! These things are great.

Then, at night I use dry shampoo on my hair so that I don’t have to do anything to it in the morning. I use the dry shampoo at night so that while I sleep, the natural oils in my hair soak up the powder while I sleep so I am not trying to fight them in the morning. This is the dry shampoo that I use.


If I want to give my hair a little more lift in the morning, I use Dust It, which is ahhhh-mazing. A little goes a LONG way. As in, I bought my bottle back in 2010 and I still have the same one. And this will give you LIFT!


I should also add that I kind-of have a hair schedule. I don’t wash my hair every day so that I give my hair a little break. Here it is: (Subject to change based on upcoming events. Ha. )

Tuesdays- I wash my hair and follow the above routine.

Wednesdays-I use a little dry shampoo in the morning and  touch-up a few of the front pieces with my curling iron.

Thursdays-my hair usually goes back in a pony-tail.

Fridays -it goes up in a bun.

Saturdays-the routine starts over with a wash.

Sundays- it starts down and ends up in a pony-tail by the end of the day

Mondays- it’s in a ponytail or bun.


So, there you go! I don’t allow a ton of time for myself to get ready in the mornings, but this little routine is quick, works well for my hair and leaves me feeling put together in the morning.

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  1. Having shorter hair I still wash it daily even though I know I should give my hair a break! Love your routine and thank you for the great tips!

  2. It looks great! And it’s nice to hear it doesn’t take forever to create. Thanks for the tips!

  3. From time to time I will blow dry and straighten my hair, but more often than not, I put a little mousse and hair spray in and I’m done! Easy peasy!

  4. Cute! I always have to take a straightener or a curling iron to my hair after blowing drying it, or I have a giant pouf ball on my head! It’s so not cute. This looks like a great routine. Thanks for sharing!

  5. Long hair is great for easy styles like this! I actually think it’s better than having short “mom” hair.

  6. Cute! I am not a mom but I love super quick hair styles. This one is FAB.

  7. I had no idea that a silk pillowcase helps hair! Thanks for the tip.

  8. I wish my hair looked good that fast!

  9. Thanks for your tips! I’ll have to try this. As I’ve gotten older I found that my hair texture has changed and I have to experiment with different products.

  10. I have been looking for ways to wear my hair more natural especially because I’m going on a 3 week trip in Europe this summer and I don’t want to be spending too much time on my hair. I hate how the front of my hair looks though if I don’t blow dry it because my hair is super curly but my bangs are shorter and get a little cray if I don’t tame them.

  11. Thanks for sharing your hair tips! I’m actually getting my hair cut soon into a shorter cut for the summer, but I love seeing how others style their long hair!

  12. I’m actually going to try this, it’s a great routine and do-able for long hair! I refuse to cut mine but have ended up just braiding it most the time which gets boring. Great post!

  13. I love your hair! I actually wear my hair in a braid and have for the past few years and find it so easy. It’s my five minute routine in the morning, but I didn’t use to be this quick. Over time I became good at it. It’s good to give your hair a break from high heat products though.

    liz @ j for joiner

    • Thank you so much! I totally need to work on my braid game. Right now it consists of my husband doing it for me!

  14. I have long hair and cannot wash it everyday. I’ve thought about getting a silk pillowcase too to keep my hair from getting so messy and crazy at night. And love the big comb trick, I’m totally trying that!

  15. Lately I have been letting my hair air dry and honestly, I don’t think it’s all that bad. I actually kind of like it and it gives my hair more BODY!

    • YES! I blow dry my hair only a couple of times a month if theres some kind of event or something. Other than that, air dry it is!

  16. Great tips! I’ll have to try these because I have the same type of hair myself. Thanks for sharing!

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