Sweet Cal Turns 4

Our sweet, sensitive, intelligent, inquisitive, cuddly, rough-and-tumble boy turned four today. And wow, my mama heart is just in disbelief.


It has been pretty cold here lately, but on this little man’s special day it was nice and sunny making it a great day for our birthday boy.

We spent the morning at our church, which is one of his favorite places, so it was a great start to the day.


For a couple of weeks leading up to his birthday, we have been letting Cal know that his Daddy and I were going to take him on a two-on-one date to anywhere he wanted to go. “The Ball Place,” which is a local pizza joint down the street from our house (not really called “The Ball Place”) is where he chose to go out of ALL the places in our city, so The Ball Place is where we went. He also decided that he wanted his sister and brother to join him, so we cancelled the babysitter and went as a family. And it was perfect.



He hit the jackpot!



He wanted ice cream for his birthday dessert, so to fro-yo we went.


Grandma and Grandpa sent him a special Calvin bear which he slept with that night. Overall, this little boy was smiling ear-to-ear all day and it just filled our hearts with so much joy.


Our boy loves riding his bike, Cracklin’ Oat Bran cereal, bath time, exploring, the game Memory, color-changing matchbox cars, digging in dirt, splashing in puddles, church, bubbles, sandwiches, light-up rain boots, sunglasses, and anything that transforms.

Happy, happy fourth birthday, Sweet Cal!


  1. Aww happy birthday to the little guy! Sounds like a great birthday week!

  2. Look at that sweet little nugget!! Happy birthday buddy!

  3. Aww he is so handsome! Happy Birthday Calvin!

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