On Fleek

Are you as confused as I am? Or did the title make sense to you?

I have always been quite behind on the times.

As in, I had a tape player when others had CD players. I preferred a VCR player when others chose DVD. I tried working an IPOD for the first time when I was gearing up for the birth of my third baby and wanted to listen to some calming music.

But it wasn’t until recently that I started feeling really behind the times and well, old. And it started with a conversation heart.

There it was… staring at me. On a piece of sugary candy.

“On fleek.”


My eyebrow furrowed as I asked my husband, “What in the world is “on fleek?!”

And how in the world is it already on a conversation heart and I have never heard of it?

It was explained to me that “on fleek” is kind-of like “on point” in case you, too, were wondering. And then I wondered how in the world my husband knew what “on fleek” meant, but then realized that when you’re surrounded by college students all day I suppose you’re bound to hear the new lingo.

And then once again I was taken aback when I heard someone refer to another by calling him “bae.”

I thought I maybe misheard this person and they meant to say “babe,” so I shrugged it off, until I read it in a magazine.

Bae? Hey…. Bae….


How do people come up with these things?

Do they accidentally mispronounce a word in front of their friends and then try to play it off by pretending it’s actually a word?

“That’s flimp.”

“Totally porf.”

“I think it tastes burmy…”

Oh! And another one. “Hey, Felicia.”  (After writing this I realized it’s “Bye, Felicia” but chose to keep it as I originally wrote it to emphasize my point here…I am just not with it…)

WHERE did that come from?

Are people just choosing names and inserting them into phrases?

“Don’t be a Daryl.”

Ha. I kind-of like that one.

So while I have always been a little behind on… everything… I was at least aware of what was going on and just chose to stick with what I knew. Nowadays, though, I am totally that “old” person saying things like, “What is AOL!?” while the rest of the world has been “with it” for years.

And if you are reading this and don’t know what AOL is, we shall no longer speak. Actually, I get it. And I forgive you.


Don’t be a Daryl.



  1. This is so funny! Unfortunately, I do know about terms like “on fleek” and “bae” because I have a teenager. The first time she said those I made so much fun of her. Now I say them to her, lol. And even my 7 year old says stuff is so “on fleek”. It really is stupid and I think that people do just make them up as they go along. And then I wonder, did our parents think our words were this silly when we were teens????

  2. DYING because my husband and I were just talking about “Bae” he’s like “WHAT DOES IT MEAN!?!”

  3. Christina says:

    “By Felicia” is from the movie Friday. I haven’t seen this movie but my hubs was telling me about it. And my 11 year old informed me about “on fleek” and “bae”…. To me it all just so ” fetch” hahaha

  4. For me, none of this lingo even feels like a real thing because I’ve only ever seen it on the internet, never heard it in real life. We moved out of the USA a few years ago and I guess none of these words have caught on in East Asia yet….

  5. Hahahah this cracks me up! I love it!

  6. This was so funny!!! Honestly, I am behind too. I have zero music on my phone. I get my music from the radio, CDs, and Pandora. I just had to have my mom explain to me the other day what the heck XM radio is. It actually sometimes gives me anxiety thinking about all of the “cool things” that I am missing out on, but then I realize that I am happy the way things are! Hmph!!!!! (And I do realize that that is EXACTLY how elderly people feel, too.)

    • YES! I also do not have music on my phone and only listen to the radio and pandora. Though I guess Pandora is old news now, too? Huh?! My husband was telling me about some other music streaming app with no commercials that is apparently the new “thing.” And you couldn’t have said it better… I too am just happy, happy, happy with how things are and I don’t need the latest and greatest!

  7. HAHA!! I read “Hey, Felicia” and started laughing. :)
    I cannot stand bae. I get that bae is now used to replace babe, but if that is the case, how can something be bae?
    “That’s so bae.” How is it bae? Glitter is bae? Isn’t glitter, glitter? And now I feel like an old fuddy duddy asking for clarification on the use of the new youth’s vernacular.

    Fleek makes me laugh, because I think of the girl who just got her eyebrows done and said her eyebrows were on fleek and now everyone is “On Fleek”. Kudos to you kiddo.
    The name Felicia is used because of the movie Friday (with Ice Cube). I don’t know how a movie made like 20 years ago has touched today’s lingo all this time later, but it has. 😀
    Thanks for sharing your post with us at #MMBH!

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