Franklin Turns 4 Months

Our little Franklin baby has turned four months, and I must say that I am just enjoying him more and more as he continues to show more expressions, smiles and giggles.


About three weeks ago he belted out the most wonderful laugh. It wasn’t just a little giggle, either. It was a full-blown laugh that went on-and-on bringing this mama to tears.


He holds his own bottle. Whaaaa :(


Little man is a teething fool. Suuuuper drooly and will gnaw on anything… or anyone.


I gave him his first bath a few days ago. This is normally Franklin/Daddy time, but with The Husband out of town and a nice blow-out left for mama, a bath was due. Franklin loves bath time, so it was a sweet little moment we had while the big kids were playing before bed. I then did it every day my husband was gone because it was just so calming for all of us.

image1 (4)

We started solids a little bit and he seems to be enjoying them, though still getting used to the whole process, so it’s quite messy.



Little man is sleeping through the night. Hallelujah. I knew that with The Hubby’s trip coming up and being solo-parent for four days, sleep was needed for all. So about a week before his trip, we started a little sleep training and this time around went the best of all three kids. So, I am pleased! He goes to bed around 7-7:30, I wake him to eat at 10:30, and then he eats again between 6-7 am. I would love it to always be closer to 7, but we will get there some day. I can’t be too picky. We’ve got a nice little day-time schedule going as well, so I feel like we’ve got the hang of things around here.


We finally allowed sister and brother to pick him up and carry him around a bit with close supervision, and only on soft surfaces, and they think it is the best thing ever. Franklin tolerates it…

image1 (5)

Franklin is no longer swaddled. He wasn’t necessarily breaking out of it, but we just discovered he didn’t need it anymore and since he enjoys sucking on his hands, we decided to allow him to self-soothe doing that instead of popping in a binky every time.


Franklin now rolls over. Which, to be honest, I am not thrilled about. It just makes the night time more nerve-wracking for me as I worry he is just going to have problems. His first roll-over was in a bath seat while his Daddy was watching him and I was dropping the big kids off at school, and then again that same day on the floor while we were at a friend’s house for a play-date.


He enjoys sitting with the big kids on the table at lunch or watching me cook in the kitchen, cruising around in the baby Bjorn, bath time, and laying on the floor on a blanket.

image1 (6)


He’s wearing size 6 month clothing and as far as shoe size, I have no idea since he’s never worn them. :) BUT, I will say, after putting numerous socks on the babe and not being to keep ANY kind on him, I bought these Goumikids booties and they are AMAZING. So much so that I bought another pair. They don’t fall off and are worth every penny. You’re welcome.

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  1. Hehe so cute! Happy 4 months Franklin!

  2. He is adorable! That smile just melts my heart. Great job with the sleeping! And I love that Giraffe with his name on it. Plus, the picture with big sister is precious.

  3. He is incredibly adorable! I love his name, Franklin!

  4. Awn he is so cute and adorable! Happy Four months Franklin!

  5. How stinkin’ cute!!! I love his sticker with the stag horns, what a little man.

  6. Do you mind sharing more details about the sleep training? My baby boy just turned 2 months and we aren’t quite ready for that yet, but I want to be prepared. He is so different from my two girls (they were both sleeping 7-8 hours by now). He also doesn’t take a pacifier, so I want him to be able to self soothe without nursing him. Any suggestions would help!

    • Hi Kelsey!
      So, you’re not the first person to ask me about this, so, I think I will write up a little post on it! I will try to do that soon since it’s not too long until you’re in the same boat as I was!

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