10 OMG Moments From Fuller House

I definitely grew up a TGIF child and never missed an episode of the original Full House, so this was a much anticipated event. I was supposed to wait and watch the first episode with a couple of pals, but I couldn’t contain myself and I cheated. But I WILL watch again, promise! Below contain a few spoilers, so read with caution!

1- From the very second the show begins with the opening song, I am swept back into nostalgic bliss. It begins the exact same way it did years ago with a close-up of Michelle Tanner in that red convertible  zooming down the San Francisco bridge while we hear that “Everywhere We Look” song. Ahhhh, I can feel the air in my face… And then I notice D.J. and Stephanie in the front seat and am pretty sure that was illegal, even then. No?

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2- The first scene opens with Danny Tanner, and I immediately notice his voice. And it weirds me out. It’s higher than I remember and I wonder if it changed due to the drugs he was supposedly on?

3- Uncle Jesse makes his entrance once again loving everything Elvis and his own appearance, and all I can picture now are those Greek yogurt commercials. Has he done much since then? And sweet ol’ Uncle Joey comes out wearing the same crazy jammies and t-shirts.

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4- Becky Donaldson comes out shortly after and man, I need that woman’s night cream. She looks the same! D.J. tanner outgrew her childhood awkwardness and is now a bombshell! Yeah, girl! And good ol’ Kimmy Gibbler. She is sooooo the same, awkward, crazy-dressed character and I love it.


5- Stephanie Tanner makes an entrance not long after and I first notice how much make-up she is wearing. And it just doesn’t sit well with me.  And then HOLY CRAP! We see Stephanie in a small little dress with HUGE BOOBS. And I feel like a criminal for looking because she is Stephanie Tanner and not supposed to be showing her boobs. Ahh so uncomfortable. I spared you a frontal. It made me feel like a contributor.


6- Jesse and the Rippers sing the infamous “Forever” song and I get chills. I may have even teared up. I completely and totally remember when he originally sang it to Aunt Becky. Le sigh.


7- And then Stephanie jumps in for an accompaniment and I am seriously impressed with her voice.   I then look at her boobs and I am once again uncomfortable. I want to google if she’s had a little work done, but I am afraid of what I may find… so I won’t.

8- We are reintroduced to Steve, DJ’s old flame, and I am sad to see that his hair has gone. Awww. And so have his acting skills, unfortunately.


9-The cast does not disappoint and slip in their old tag lines of  “Have mercy,” “How rude,” and “Cut it out,” which just makes me happy, happy, happy.

10- Toward the end of the episode, D.J.’s little baby is fussy and they re-enact a scene from the original series when they were trying to calm down baby Michelle by singing the Flinstones song. This is shown  in a split screen, making us feel all the feels. I think I was glowing.


I have been anticipating this show for months now, and while there are some definite super cheesy moments, this show has always had super cheesy moments that we can all rely on to give us that super-warm-fuzzy feeling.

Anyone else out there as pumped about Fuller House as I am!?


  1. I so need to watch this!! I wish I’d have kept Netflix a little longer!

  2. I am LOVING it! Actually, I finished it in one day and I can’t tell you how excited I am to hear they are having a second season!! AHHH!

    That red dress may have been a bit much but at the same time, it didn’t make me uncomfortable since it fits with her character as being a bit more rebellious and of the party nature.

    • Didn’t it bring back all the feels?! I was just beaming the whole time! I am just so thrown by Stephanie’s character! It just doesn’t sit well with me for some reason!

  3. I feel like so many people were hating on this show. I really enjoyed it (minus Stephanie’s boobs!) I feel like as adults, if we were to watch the original show we would find that it was cheesy but it was made for kids. I’m anxious for the second season to come out!

  4. I haven’t seen it and probably won’t so this was a great recap! Thanks for sharing!

  5. I was totally feeling all the feels watching the whole season in a day! I can’t wait for the second season, and possibly some more shade being thrown at the Olsen’s? Those were hilarious moments lol. Though I do hope they don’t hold on to that forever….it’ll get old.

  6. it brings back so many memories..i m loving every single moment,,,regardless of its cheesiness. and kimmy is still my favorite!!! i am so glad im not the only one who got little uncomfortable with stephanie (its stephanieeeee!!!)

  7. I love love love this show! I was also kinda weirded out too by Stephanie’s boobs always being on display!

  8. Is it weird that I want to marathon watch this when I have my Bachelorette party weekend with my college girlfriends?! This, and the Gilmore Girls reunion. We’re party animals.

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