Menu Planning Monday #29

Welcome to Menu Planning Monday!

For some, one of the worst parts about menu planning is actually deciding on what to make. I find myself stressed out once the late afternoon hits and I have no idea what we are having for dinner, so if I want to prevent that and stay on top of things, menu planning it is. Each week I try to plan for healthy meals that currently do not include any dairy or that can easily be adapted (baby is intolerant), that don’t include a bunch of crazy ingredients and that will get me in and out of that kitchen as quickly as possible.

Here is what we are having this week. Most of these we have yet to try out, except for the blue cheese smothered steaks at the bottom. They are seriously so good, and while I will have to adapt mine due to the dairy this year, I am excited to make these for the husband for Valentines day for the third year in a row.

If you have any recipes you think we should try, let me know!


Crockpot Orange Chicken

I really hope this is yummy because I love the crockpot aspect of this and I love an orange flavor!

Diethood…the eating effect



Date night = Leftovers/Easy kid meal


Slow Cooker Broccoli Beef

This looks like a meal my husband will come home smiling to. Hearty and delicious!

Creme de la Crumb



Avocado Chicken Salad 

I am LOVING avocados lately and this just looks drool-worthy. I am thinking of making these into little burritos in wheat tortillas and searing them on the stove with a little coconut oil.  AND bonus, no dairy!

Simply Recipes





Potluck Valentines Day party with some friends…Not quite sure what I am going to bring to this yet.


Blue Cheese Smothered Steaks

I kid you not, these are the BEST homemade steaks EVER. Your significant other will kiss your feet if you make these for him/her. So, I will treat my man with these for Valentine’s Day.

Lady’s Little Loves

P.S.- I forgot to take photos of this steak the last two years I made it for Valentine’s Day because they were that good. So here is sort-of an after-thought photo the last time I made it. Ha!



  1. I always have the hardest time with meal planning. I get into a rut and just repeat the same things. But I’m curious about those crockpot recipes, because I am in some serious love with my crockpot. 😉

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