Healthy (ish) Super Bowl Appetizer Ideas

I enjoy the Super Bowl.

Slight lie. I enjoy aspects of the Super Bowl. Like, the food. I enjoy that part a lot. And the commercials. And the camaraderie.

But if you asked me today who is actually playing in the Super Bowl I could not answer you. I have no freaking idea.

While looking for food ideas for the big day I realized finding options that do not contain dairy has proven a little difficult. I also want things that won’t take a ton of time to make, too, so below are my top choices for the game.

Crockpot Grape Jelly and BBQ Meatballs

I love the Simply Fruit jellies. All natural!

(only 3 ingredients! Wahoo!)

I heart Naptime


Avocado Bruschetta with Balsamic Reduction 

These look so fresh and tasty.

Damn Delicious


Marinated Pretzels 

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I first had these at a friend’s house and I could not stop stuffing my face with them. They are seriously SO freaking good they almost make me start swearing obscenities.

MAKE these.


Skinny Greek Seven Layer Dip 

This looks really good. I’d have to keep the feta out due to a dairy sensitivity but this just overall looks like a hit.

Well Plated


Marinated Oven Sliders

Okay so these aren’t exactly super healthy, but they’re not horrible either, and if you’ve got a bunch of kids at your party, these are SUPER simple to make and really quite tasty, too. Who am I kidding, adults like them just as much, so if you’re looking for a yummy crowd-pleaser, these will do it.

We recently made these with chicken breast instead of deli meat, and the thicker piece of meat really added to the overall yumminess of these little sliders.

Cooking with the Preacher’s Wife


Do you have any healthy-ish ideas for the game you’d like to share?

Hope you have a great time!


  1. That avocado bruschetta looks delicious! We also deal with dairy sensitivities so you have no idea how much I appreciate this list!

    Karin |

  2. I have NO clue as to who’s playing either. I mean, aside from Coldplay. HAHAHAH! I love the commercials, too :) That avocado bruschetta! YUM!!! Thanks so much for sharing and enjoy the weekend!

  3. I am in love with that avocado bruschetta. I just have to read the name I know I’m in love. I may just have to have a super bowl party for one just to have an excuse to make some of these. :)

  4. I am obsessed with meatballs all ways. This recipe looks awesome! I love the idea of the sweetness!

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