Franklin’s 3 Month Photoshoot

How is our baby three months old already?! I know, you are mind-blown, too.

Because these weeks and months are just flying by, I am trying to soak in all of his baby-ness as much as I can. I find myself studying his little features; like his adorable little button nose, the puffiness of his feet and hands, his bright eyes that seem to just totally “get” you, and the way he is comforted by our touch.

Something I am so incredibly grateful for are the milestone photos we are having done to remember our Sweet Franklin by. So not only do I have the memories of our little babe (though honestly with my bad memory I don’t like the idea of relying solely on it) but we now have tangible photos taken by Glimpse Photography that we can reminisce over.










This was the first time we met in Heidi’s studio, and oh my goodness, was I impressed. She has several different backdrops, floors, rugs, baskets, blankets, clothing options, hair accessories, and props to choose from so that if you don’t have something of your own you’d like to photograph with or in, she fully has you covered.

The way Heidi handled my little babe during our session was just so comforting as a mother. Her touch was soft, her voice was gentle, and she was completely understanding and patient when Franklin would get upset or needed a diaper change. I appreciated not feeling rushed due to a time crunch or by other customers waiting their turn.

It was just us. With our joint ideas and yearning desires to capture amazing photos of my little babe.

And boy, did Heidi deliver.



A few fun facts…

If you smile at Franklin, he will almost always smile back at you. Family, strangers, it doesn’t matter. His smile is infectious.



His favorite places to hang are on the counter in a random bath seat so he can watch mom throughout the day, and on a blanket on the floor.



He had his first set of giggles, which I have sadly yet to hear. His first one was while his daddy was changing his diaper and I was in the kitchen cleaning up after dinner.

Seriously, dude? I am with you ALL day and that is when you decide to share your first giggle? Fine. The second one was to his Grammie while I was prepping for a gathering at our house. And I have still YET to hear him giggle. Turd.



He goes to bed around 8-8:30, we wake him up to eat around 10-10:30, and then he wakes up 1-2 times a night, nurses, and then goes right back to sleep until around 7-8.



He is very mellow while out and about, which is so completely different than when Gwyn and Cal were babies. I had to RACE through the grocery store with those two, with a meltdown almost always happening at some point during the trip. Franklin, on the other hand, likes to look around and just chill, which is so amazingly strange. Now don’t get me wrong, after too long he will start to fuss, but we have a good while before that happens.



His sister and brother absolutely adore him. Gwyn is a very helpful big sister and wants to touch and kiss him at every possible opportunity. And Cal is starting to show more interest, which is pretty dang sweet. The other day he was “reading” Franklin a card about what his family was like that just about melted me into a puddle.




He spits up about half the time after nursing. And if someone else holds him, he will almost always spit up on that person, which I do give fair warning about!



His daddy is still the only one who has ever given him a bath. It’s their special time. He has it down. And I like that they have this little bond over it.



I love the idea of milestone photos because it is just so easy to forget what each stage is like and how  quickly change is taking place, and with Heidi’s new Milestones Baby Club (info on her blog now!) these little achievement phases will not be forgotten. I mean look at the difference three months makes!


I also love that I know and can trust that each of these photo sessions are a unique, boutique experience and that they are being done with a reliable, flexible, and trustworthy person.

Heidi so beautifully captured Franklin’s personalty and the cute little expressions that are representative of this phase of his life. Thank you Glimpse Photography! I am already so looking forward to his next session! 

To see more of Heidi’s maternity and baby photos check out her Facebook page HERE and her Instagram HERE.


  1. I’m thrilled that you love your images and that these memories are now frozen in time for you to look back on. Super excited for his 6 month session! It will be here before we know it!

    • I know! It’s going to come so quickly! How are these months flying by like this? Thank goodness for these amazing keepsakes!

  2. He’s so perfect!!!!! Tell him to stop giving me baby fever dang it!!

  3. Leslie Macdonald says:

    I am newly pregnant and love the idea of doing a maternity session and the first year milestones! I am going to talk to my husband about this. Thank you!

  4. OMG he is too cute!! And that sweet belly! love it!

  5. He is absolutely adorable! That smile and those eyes…I just want to cuddle him. The photographs are beautiful, and it’s awesome that you found just a great photographer.

  6. How long did the Photoshoot take? I feel like I have no time in my day inbetween feedings and naps and I don’t know how I’d get through a whole Photoshoot. I do love the end result though!

    • It wasn’t long at all! Maybe 20 minutes! That was about all he could handle, so it was perfect! Do it! You will love it!

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