Wooden Accent Wall Tutorial

A while back I blogged what I would like our baby’s room to look like if we had a boy and what I would like it to look like if we had a girl. (See that post HERE) Well, we had a boy! So a rustic woodland theme it is!

And to kick off the decorating in this room, The Hubby built this wooden accent wall that has me all sorts of excited. It’s EXACTLY how I had envisioned. Actually, it’s better.



21 8′ cedar tongue and groove 6″ width boards

5 12′ pne tongue and groove 6″ width boards

9 8′ 3×1 boards

2″ long 18 gauge pin nails

Nail gun

Wood stain (We used Special Walnut)

Cordless Skill Saw

Carpenter triangle (or something else to ensure straight edges)


Here is how we did it.

First, we went to Lowes and chose our wood.  We decided on a mix of cedar and pine boards, getting twenty-one 8′ cedar tongue and groove 6″ width boards and five 12′ pine tongue and groove 6″ boards.

We also got nine 8′ 3×1 boards that were pin nailed (using 2″ long 18 gauge) to the studs over the dry wall so that if we happen to change the room down the road, we aren’t ripping the wood from the actual wall which would result in us having to re-do the dry wall.

We decided on Special Walnut as our stain, and since we chose two different kinds of wood, we knew it would vary the shade of color as well. My husband stained all of these in our garage, and while drying put the 3×1 boards up.



He then brought up a few boards at a time and started piecing them together, making sure to pay attention to which colors were being put next to each other. He cut them in varying lengths to give it that old rustic barn wood look using a cordless skill saw, and he made sure his cuts were straight by using a carpenter triangle.


And don’t think he did this alone! Two little helpers were more than willing to lend a helping hand.


Once the boards started going up, it actually went pretty quickly.


Going around the outlets seemed pretty tricky to me, but he just sat down and busted those babies out, being sure to cut the wood just right so that the outlet covers would conceal it properly.


And in about half a day, this project was done from shopping to finish. And I am BEYOND thrilled with the outcome!

I just think he did such a good job in varying the wood color and placing the pieces just so. Franklin’s rustic woodland themed room is off to a great start!



Thanks for stopping by :)

If you like this and are curious how this is different from the shiplap look, go HERE to see how we ship-lapped our stairs!



  1. Anonymous says:

    Looks so good!!!

  2. I love this! It’s exactly what I want to do in our dining area. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Do you have an approximate cost?

    • Shoot! We bought a bunch of other materials for another project at the same time.. so I am not sure! If I HAD to guess, I would say maybe around…. $250ish? My husband said it was cheaper than the flooring options he was looking into if that helps?

  4. Did you use an oil or water based stain? Did you polyurethane over the stain?

  5. Juli-anne says:

    Awesome, thank you for the step by step. Going to do this in my bedroom. Cant wait :)

  6. I’m looking to do this for my son’s nursery… Do you know why you elected to use tongue & groove wood? Did you actually align each piece into the groove as you went along?

    I appreciate your help!

    • We chose tongue and groove because it’s easy to align and put together! And yes, we put the boards together as they’re supposed to! :)

  7. What are the demensions of this room?

  8. Curious what color paint you used on the other walls? Thanks!!

    • I would also like to know the color of the other walls,i am thinking about doing something like this also.i’m thinking shiplap but i like this to.just not sure what color to paint the walls.

  9. Great job! Thank you for sharing a peek into your home!

  10. How did you get the wood to line up with you’re white trim at the bottom? My husband is hesitant to start this project and says the wood would stand out much more than the trim and is worried about how things will look down there.

    • Hi Gale, The thickness of the wood that my husband chose is pretty thin and doesn’t stick out much, if any, from the trim at the bottom. If it does it is only slightly and I haven’t noticed! I would go check but my baby is sleeping in there right now.

    • we t9ok the trim off the wall and put it in front of the wood. we also found the most affordable way to do this with cedar was to buy the 6 foot individual fence pickets. just required a little extra sanding. gave lots of beauty tones with being cedar. the only issue we came across was the outlets seemed sunken in. so we ended up making cute little doors that opened for the outlets. we don’t use the outlets but wanted access to them if needed. we considered pulling them out of the wall and redoing them to be flush however if we were to take this down in the future it would be an extra project or a big eye soar.

      • Thomas Filler says:

        They make extensions for the outlet box just for this purpose. You can find them at any hardware store. You can also find them on Amazon. Just remember to shut off the main breakers before installing the extension. There very easy to install.

      • Lizette says:

        The outlets were my concern and the rough cedar..so you sanded the cedar? No polyurethane coat needed? Also I would replace my outlets,with brown covers and trim out the outlets leaving them back flush to the wall..otherwise you would have to pull the box out more and we would have to get an electrician. Our problem us built in speakers on rhe wall
        .not sure how to handle this.
        .beautiful job

  11. Is this an apartment? Ifor so how did yall get it down?

    • No, it is a house- and I wrote up a tutorial if you’d like to see exactly how we did it! It’s on the blog. :)

  12. looks very nice. Is there a reason you started at the top instead of the bottom. I was thinking of starting at the the bottom but put a ‘frame’ around the whole wall to hide end imperfections. Comments?

    • We started at the top as any imperfections would be more noticeable toward the top than at the bottom. My husband could also cut the wood to whatever size needed, width-wise, if it was too wide to fit once we got toward the bottom.

  13. Jordan Mayfield says:

    What did you do with the outlets??

  14. Great jobb im going to do this one day and have been looking at some diys , to the people asking about outlets you can buy outlet extention boxes at your hardware store . Also in one diy i seen someone cut a thin line down the back of each board to prevent future warping or bucklling ,mabie because he was using old wood im not sure but yess thank you for your post its very helpfull :)

  15. This looks amazing! I want one in my bedroom!

  16. This looks amazing! I’d love to have a wooden accent wall when I finally own a house.

  17. Wow this looks awesome!! I love the woodland theme… It’s SO cute, and perfect for all ages. I can’t wait to see how the rest of the room turns out.

  18. Love the wall! It looks so cool and will be a great accent wall for years.

  19. Did you use an oil or water based stain? Did you also finish the wood after the stain?

  20. Did you use a wood conditioner before the stain?

  21. Lynn Dozier says:

    Love this! Great Job. We plan on doing something like this in our Grand Baby’s room.. was worried about outlets and covers. Glad you mentioned them!

  22. Ashley Hermes says:

    Awesome we are planning on doing this idea this weekend for our daughters nursery. What brand of stain did u buy?

  23. We are doing the same thing and I was going to stain the boards but on a test board I did, the stain smelled really strong and I don’t want that smell in my bedroom. How long did the stain smell hang around our did you seal the boards?

  24. I love it!
    It was fantastic.
    Did you use nails to fix the wood?

  25. Which type of glue I can use please

  26. Z Johnson says:

    Did you distress the boards before staining? I like the rustic look and am afraid of using new wood.

  27. Were you able to hang things up easily?

  28. Used your tutorial and our wall turned out great! Thank you for your help and tips to get it done! Took us a little longer than you mentioned but we are very happy with the outcome!

  29. I just gave you a little shout-out on my blog.

  30. I love it, I am going to do this in my house.

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  32. Anonymous says:

    Amazing !
    Loving your page !

  33. Amazing Loving Your Page !

  34. Congrats on your baby! Great tutorial! I read and watch so many and I appreciate how straight forward yours is! I have wanted to try this with pallet wood/ driftwood or anything reclaimed really, but you made me realize the challenges of thickness. I may just have to faux the floor planks.

    Thank You!

    Karen :)

  35. Hi,

    I am just wondering, are the nails not showing up? like are they visible?

  36. Anonymous says:


  37. Terrific! I love it.

  38. Can you link the wood you used, please?

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  40. PLannng I’m doing this project to nearly exactly these specs/directions. Do u know how much stain u ended up using as well as, how many coats went on?? Thx. Look awesome btw!

  41. Hi there. Thanks a lot for your idea turning into reality and for sharing. How did u stick the wood pieces? With glue or with screws? I tryed to zoom in to see, but i don’t see any screws. Could you explain please? Thank you

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  47. Anonymous says:

    8what did you use for the 3×1 boards on the sheetrock wall

  48. Hello, apologies if this has already been asked but I didn’t read all the previous comments.. We are attempting this for our daughters woodland themed nursery and I just wanted to ask did the wood shrink at all over time? As I’ve heard that when wood adjusts to the temperature in your home it may shrink.. Thanks in advance Lisa

  49. Hello your wall looks great! My ex boyfriend did this to one of my living room walls with 1inch fence Pickett’s but I have some gabs in between some boards do you know what I can use to fill them? I would hate to take it down I’d have to plaster the whole wall to cover all the nail holes.
    Any ideas greatly appreciated :)

  50. Did you look for studs in the wall before using the nail gun? Did you use a construction adhesive on the back of the paneling? Also, what size nails were in the gun?

    • The furring strips are on studs, and no on the adhesive because we wanted to have the option to remove them. I think the nails were 2 inch 18 gauge brad nails

      I hope that helps!


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