How We Keep the Kids in Bed and the Morning Routine

Having a newborn in the house means we are a little extra groggy in the mornings, so we implemented some things that help our mornings run a little more smoothly, especially on school days.

And after being asked quite often how life with three is going, I thought I would share what it is we do that has made our lives easier.

The night before is when I do the most prep work. I start by running the dishwasher right after dinner so that I can empty it later that night. I am not a fan of dishes piling up in the sink, so I like to have it emptied so the kids can put their breakfast dishes in the washer after they eat in the morning. Does that always happen? No. But we are working on it.

I prepare the kids’ breakfast at night, too, so that it’s ready to go in the morning. Sometimes this means something as simple as putting cereal in their bowls and setting it on the table along with spoons and napkins and filling a little container (I got the cutest little juice pitcher from Homegoods) with milk that they can pour into their bowls in the morning, or making pancake batter and putting it in the fridge for the morning and setting out the syrup and utensils.

I also set out my breakfast, which is the exact same every morning. I read a long time ago that old-fashioned oats increases one’s milk supply, so while nursing all three of my babes, that is all I ate. So I put my oatmeal in a bowl, set out my toppings and all I need to do in the morning is add some water, microwave, and I am set.

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I also make the kids’ lunches at night so that when we get home from half-day Kindergarten and preschool, it is ready to go in case the baby needs to eat right away and my hands are tied. This can mean making simple sandwiches, or putting cheese inside tortillas and setting out the pan for quesadillas, or pre-wrapping pigs in a blanket. Whatever it may be is accompanied by some sides and dips if needed and is wrapped up with Press N Seal and ready to go in the fridge.

Gwyn picks out her outfit for the next day and sets it out, and I pick out Calvin’s and bring it upstairs and set it out, too.

That about covers it for the night before.

In the morning, the kids are not allowed to get out of bed until their OK! to Wake alarm goes off.


I captured a little video of our daughter (who was 3 at the time) showing how she first learned to use it.

We have one in both kids’ rooms now so we are reassured the mornings won’t start until at least 7:00. SO worth it. It also has a nap time option, too.


OK to Wake! Children’s Alarm Clock and Nightlight

Once the alarms go off (which is essentially a light that glows), Gwyn gets herself dressed and makes her bed. Usually, she is greeted by Cal who comes to her room upstairs and hangs with her until she is done. OR, Cal sees his light first and goes and wakes his sister up. Not ideal, but we can’t win them all.

Then, they come downstairs and go eat breakfast. Usually, my husband is up by now and can assist if needed. He usually helps Cal get dressed, brushes their teeth and does Gwyn’s hair. It’s not always a neatly kept “do,” but I am not about to start complaining.

Then, he takes the older kids to school, and by now I am usually awake after being up with the baby and I start to straighten up the house after the morning; wiping up breakfast messes, putting any extra dishes away and just tidying up.

So, that is what we do! It’s a little more work in the evening when I could be resting, but to me is SO worth it so that the mornings run smoothly.

My husband’s teaching schedule is changing this semester, so we may have to adjust some things, but for the first couple of months when our babe was waking up frequently throughout the night, this has been a game changer.

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  1. Christina Peterson says:

    We have a “blended” family. So every other Friday we get all 3 of our kiddos home. We have to have a strict routine to keep things running smoothly as well. Our kids are a little bit older; 7,8 and 11. So a majority of things they can help with and they are in school all day, Plus the hubs and I both work full time also. I have a 4 month white board calendar that is color coated for each person’s activity; whether its work, swimming, school functions, church functions or family events as well as exchange days so everyone knows at a glance what is going on.

    I am usually the first one up somewhere between 6 and 6:30 am. I get dressed and mostly ready, then its time to wake the girls up first. My eldest is pretty easy until she gets in front of the mirror. No matter how many times we sit outfits out the night before she has to change or update something, then there is her hair… LOL she is almost a teenager :) My little one is not a morning person; so usually we have about a 15 minute struggle to get her out of the top bunk, and then there is the issue of pants… because its a shocker that we have to wear pants to school, and we discuss why you can’t wear sweat pants or yoga pants every single day at school. HAHA.
    During this time the hubby is down stairs getting snacks, vitamins and lunches together; starting the car and making sure everything is ready and then he wakes up his son.

    By 7:40 am everyone is in the car and headed to school. We utilize school breakfast which is a life saver. We also have the kids in Latch Key where they get homework help, because once Mason and I clock out our “Other day” begins. Mason usually picks me up from work (we only have 1 car) and we are going to the pool for Micheala’s swim practice, her and our son are in counseling so they have evening appointments, Kaydance is in gymnastics and I am on the worship/sound team at our church which means Wednesday and Sundays.

    Thursday night is always family night. We might play Uno, or Sorry; sometimes its dinner at the coffee table and a movie, or we will play Mario Kart on the Wii. This is our favorite night and it is also bittersweet because the next day they go to their “other” parents home for a week.

    When we get home we all eat dinner at the dinning table. We start together and we end together. During dinner we have a strict, No cell phone rule. Mason, Micheala and I make sure they are all on silent on the counter, and we talk… “What was the best part of your day?” ” What was the hardest thing you learned today?” “What are looking forward to for tomorrow.” Then its baths, finishing up any homework that wasn’t complete, and we all meet at the top of the stairs, we sit in a circle and we all pray together, then hugs and Mason and Mylez go into Mylez’ room to read a book a get tucked in and I go with my girls into their room where I sing to Kaydance; “A dream is a wish your heart makes.” And then I sing “Somewhere over the rainbow” to Micheala. Hugs and then bed.

    Its a crazy life, but its what works for us. I just wish I had the alarm system you have thats a great idea!

    • You’ve got some great little routines, there! And yes, it’s all about doing what works best for your family and I love hearing new ideas that we too can implement. Good job, mama!

  2. Great ideas! I usually try to do a lot of stuff the night before too. Those alarm clocks are great. I need to get one for my oldest, so he stops coming in our room 😉

    • YES! The clocks really are life savers. Our kids were coming into our room and waking the baby up, so these really have helped!

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