He Hears You

Being a parent is by far the hardest job I have EVER had.

Before having our babies I was a high school teacher, and the level of frustration I have experienced with students doesn’t even come close to what I feel with my own crew.

And believe me, I have come across some real gems.

I don’t exactly know what it is, but those little humans know just how to push my buttons and leave me wanting to check into the psych ward.

How can that be, though? I think to myself. I am much older, wiser, and experienced and should be able to have these little beings under control.

But that is sooo not always the case.

And after doing some digging, I think a lot of it stems from the moments when they simply do not listen, and I find myself on repeat.

Or the out-right defiance.

That can really get my blood boiling, too.

And equally exhausting are the things that are done that aren’t always recognized or appreciated. Such as, the laundry being cleaned so that everyone has fresh clothing. Or the numerous, thought-out meals that are provided.  Or the time put forth in helping with homework. Or the hours spent rocking an unhappy baby. Or the wiping up of vomit after a long night. Or the baked goods made for the class party. Or the…

This goes for anyone, in any phase of life. The extra hours put in at work. Or the volunteering done with the only extra time available. Whatever it may be. Everyone has something. Or a lot of somethings.

But here’s what I have come to realize during the times I may be feeling tired, unheard or frustrated…

GOD hears me. And GOD is seeing what is being done.  Every. Single. Thing. Every. Single. Time.

So while my kids don’t always listen or give thanks for what is done for them, I find comfort and strength in knowing that He does and that these things aren’t going unnoticed. I just need to keep talking and keep doing because all of these things matter.

And it’s not like I am hoping for a medal once I enter the gates of heaven one day. ( I mean, that would be badass, but certainly not expected…)

What I am hoping for is that for all of these little (and sometimes big) things that are done to help shape the people my littles are forming into will one day come full circle. And that some day, when my kids have moved out, they will WANT to find that comfort they always did in their home. That they will WANT to bring others to the place they grew up. That they will WANT to come back.

To visit, I mean. 😉 They will WANT to visit.

Because I will sure want them to.




  1. Love this :) He does hear us and my prayers are answered all the time. I find great comfort in knowing. We need more great moms like you.

  2. Sheena Mix says:

    Love the honesty in this and the great reminder. There are definitely times when I feel like I’m an army of one and I just don’t have the energy, but I know God blessed me with my two babes and He knows I’m perfect for them. Thank you for this!

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