Franklin Turns 2 Months

Our Sweet Franklin has turned two months! And the biggest change in him this month is that he is now a smiling fool! And what a DELIGHT it has been when he flashes us one of his precious little grins. Oh! And he coos! If only you could hear the sounds coming out of this sweet boy.



He is a little more predictable these days and is on an eat, wake, sleep schedule of about 2.5-3 hours.



Night time is a little different, and there are times when I think I have him figured out, and then other times it’s just a complete crap shoot.



He LOVES the baths that his daddy gives him and yep…. I still have yet to give the little man a bath. They are ALLLL done by my husband. It has become their special time and I think they truly enjoy one another during this time.



He is quite the loud burp and tooter. We were in church last week where he let one really rip, and I was just hoping all those who heard would assume it was the baby…. but you never know. We will see who ends up sitting near us next week and who decides to sit further away.. 😉


He’s also a bit of a spit-up king so I have been sporting that look (and probably smell) lately, which is awesome.



His big sister ADORES him. She is like a second mama, and brother thinks he’s still “cute,” but pretty much just goes about his life as normal.

image1 image2









At his 2 month appointment he came in at 12.65 pounds and 23.5 inches, and perfectly healthy. He wears size 2 diapers and is growing out of his 3 month clothes. Time to re-stock!



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