Our Family Game Night Favorites

Now that our older two are able to play the same games, we have been really enjoying playing games together, especially on the weekends when bed time can be a little more flexible. Below are our favorites!

The game we play the most often is matching, and we are amazed at how well our three-year-old does at this game. We don’t let up at all when we play the kids in this game because they genuinely dominate.

Disney Classic Characters Matching Game

This game is like the traditional Bingo game, but you have to be quick on your feet to be the first one to call out the picture or word that comes out, for whoever says it first is the one who gets to keep it.

ThinkFun Zingo

I also think these ones would be fun for our five-year-old, and who knows, maybe our three-year-old would catch on, too.
Zingo Sight Words

Zingo Word Builder Board Game

Our kids CRACK UP over this game. I mean they just DIE. This is a must for a family collection, and is at a great price right now, too.
Pie Face Game

Connect 4 Game

Our five year old really likes playing this one and it’s a fun game to reminisce over since it was one of my faves as a child, too.

We play a lot of card games, and holding all of the cards proves hard for our kiddos, so these little card holders really come in handy.
Little Hands Card Holder – Set of 2

And these are some of our favorite card games that we can all play together.
eeBoo Old Maid Playing Cards

 Peaceable Kingdom / Go Fish! Card Game

Uno Card Game


This is also SUCH a fun game! The kids think it is hilarious wearing these head bands and trying to describe the picture. We don’t have this one ourselves yet and have only played it with friends a few times, so I think it is time to add to our own collection.

HedBanz Game – Edition may vary

Do you have family game night? What are some of your favorites?

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  1. Great list! We love UNO and Connect Four! #MMBH

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