Life Lately

Life lately.

Hmm….. Where do I even begin?

Let’s see. We brought sweet Franklin home and settled in nicely. The first night we had some trouble in the nursing department, but all is well there now.

Then, a week later my mom came to visit and we had a very severe storm in our city. Severe doesn’t even describe it accurately. We had such a bad wind storm that trees and poles were blown over throughout the city and  over 200.000 people went without power. Some, for over a week or longer.

Scenes from Windstorm 2015


So, so bad. The day the wind started picking up, though, my husband decided to prepare ahead of time and he came home with a generator and a plethora of flashlights and extension cords. My first thought was, “that was how much!?” but then a few hours later we lost power and I couldn’t have been more grateful for what he had done!

Due to his planning ahead, we were able to have heat, electricity and the essentials for getting by.

During this time we had newborn and family photos scheduled, and since the studio they were supposed to take place at lost power, we ended up doing them all at our house, and they turned out fabulous!  I shared them on Monday’s post, and you can check that out HERE.

Morscheck Newborn Small-58 copy


Life with a newborn meant things had to change around here in order for it to work for everyone, and this is another one of those instances that I am so thankful for the flexibility my husband has with his work.

We agreed that if I did everything at night with Franklin, that he would do everything with the older two in the morning. That means I do all of the feedings, changing diapers, calming if fussy, etc., and he makes sure the kids are fed, gets them dressed, brushes their teeth and hair AND takes them to school. I know. Your jaw may be on the ground right now, and believe me, mine was too when he agreed to this.  This allows me up to two extra hours of sleep every day to make up for the night before. And ugh. It so works. This extra time in the morning leaves me feeling so refreshed and like I am able to happily move forward with the day. And it also works for The Hubby, because the guy needs his sleep, and to not have it be interrupted leaves him feeling good, too.


Cal had a Thanksgiving feast and mini performance at his school which was just as cute as can be. They shook their little turkey tail feathers!

image2 (4)

For Thanksgiving this year we decided to stay home with just the five of us. It was so relaxing and just as perfect as can be. We were able to sleep in, watch the Thanksgiving parade in our jammies, and slowly finish preparing the evening’s meal. This year I made the stuffing, green bean casserole and sweet potato casserole, and The Hubby made the turkey, gravy, cranberries and caramel apple pie. And I truly enjoyed doing this with my guy and our littles. Every second of it. In-between meal prep we went outside and he whipped the kids around on the sleds and I kept hearing, “This is the best day ever!” from all.

image2 (6)

image2 (5)

And now we are already half way through December!

Gwyn decided to lose two teeth in two days last week. Good thing the Tooth Fairy was prepared! And can we talk about how scary it is sneaking into a child’s room, retrieving the tooth they are sleeping on, and replacing it with something else?! It’s frightening!  It’s also kind-of thrilling…

image1 (71)


“All I want for Christmas are my…”

I was able to  sneak out for a little date with Gwyn and our friends to see The Nutcracker recently, and it was so fun getting all dressed up to do this. I told her to pose for a picture, and this is what she came up with..

image1 (70)

What  a ham!

We are soaking up every second of this holiday season with hot cocoa, visits with Santa, decorating the house and picking up gifts here and there for our loved ones.

image1 (4)

Do you move to the naughty list if you poop on Santa?!


Someone appears to be working something up…



image1 (2)

And of course, baby snuggles. Lots and lots of baby snuggles.

image1 (6)

image2 (8)

And my heart is melted. :)

So that’s about it for this past month. Seems like quite the whirlwind, but all good things. Hopefully even more to come!

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