Franklin’s Newborn and Our First Family of Five Photos

With Gwyn and Cal, I never had professional newborn photos taken. At the time, we lived in a super small town and the only photography place around charged an arm and a leg, so my lovely sister-in-law took some photos of Gwyn for me, and I took some of Cal.

With being in a new city for Franklin’s birth, I knew there were more opportunities to have professional photos taken, and man, are they just so worth it. I could not be any happier with the photos Heidi from Glimpse Photography took of our little man for his newborn photos. And not only were photos taken of just our little man, but she was able to capture some of our whole family actually ALL looking at the camera as well. A Christmas miracle, I tell you! Or, maybe she is just that talented. :)

This one is one of my absolute favorites. I just love everything about this photo and plan on giving it a permanent spot in our home.

Newborn Blog-2

Newborn Blog-4

We chose to do the family portraits in our home since it is a place we have tried making special and our own, and I just love the feel of everything about this.

Newborn Blog-5

In true Cal fashion…

Newborn Blog-8

Newborn Blog-10

And oh my, Heidi captured one of my ALL TIME FAVORITE photos of my husband. And the fact that he is holding our son in this photo just makes my heart go pitter patter.

Newborn Blog-14

Newborn Blog-15


Newborn Blog-16


Newborn Blog-17

And this. Oh, this. THIS is everything.

Newborn Blog-18

She is SUCH a proud big sister, and Heidi was able to capture that beautifully.

Newborn Blog-22


Newborn Blog-23


Newborn Blog-25

And this guy, he is SO full of fun and life and again his personality was accurately captured, which I just love so much.

Newborn Blog-26

 Love. This. Photo.

Newborn Blog-27

We created this space in our room with our little guy in mind, so it was pretty special to take some photos in here with him.

Newborn Blog-29


Newborn Blog-30


Newborn Blog-32


Newborn Blog-33

Newborn Blog-35

Our original agenda was to take the family photos at our house, and then just the ones of Franklin at Heidi’s studio. But, since our city had a horrible windstorm the night before, knocking out the power everywhere,  we took his personal photos at our house as well. And they turned out SO cute! You would never know the room was freezing and we had a mini little heater up close to this little guy to keep him warm.

Newborn Blog-39

Newborn Blog-40

Baby feet. I. love. baby feet.

Newborn Blog-42


Newborn Blog-46

True mama love.

Newborn Blog-47


Newborn Blog-48


Newborn Blog-50

Baby + mini teddy bear + bundled up + shag rug….. one melted mama!

Newborn Blog-53


Newborn Blog-55

Newborn Blog-56


Newborn Blog-58

Oh man. I just can’t.

Newborn Blog-60

Newborn Blog-62

Newborn Blog-57

One thing I absolutely love about Heidi is how flexible she is. She listens to any ideas or requests I have and makes them happen. And as a result, I am over-the-moon happy with how our photos turned out. They capture our personalities perfectly, they were taken in the comforts of our own home, and they will be photos that I will forever cherish.

Due to Heidi’s amazing packages offered, I already knew ahead of time that not only were Franklin’s newborn photos beautifully taken care of, but that his first year milestone photos were also lined up as well and I didn’t even need to think twice about what to do for them. I just knew they would  be in good hands.

If you are an expecting mama looking to have maternity photos  all the way through the babies first year taken, you don’t need to look any further. Heidi’s maternity package covers it all and you will fret no more.

Or, if you are looking to have some family photos taken, know that you are in the hands of someone who will listen to your wants and try to accommodate them to the best of her ability, someone who will communicate with you throughout the entire process, and someone who is just an overall  kind-hearted and hard-working individual.

To check our more of Heidi’s work, and to get more information, visit her website HERE.

And follow her Instagram account HERE to see more of her work as well!


  1. Suzi Newberry says:

    Beautiful!! I love that you did them in your home, too! My sister is pregnant and I want her to do this. I’ll be showing her this post!

  2. Love!!!! Beautiful family, beautiful home!

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