Franklin Turns 1 Month

Wow, how did that happen? Sweet Franklin is now a month old. Does this mean he is no longer a newborn? Or can I still call him that? Because I’d like to hold on to that title for as long as I possibly can.

Some tidbits about the little guy…

He loves to be cuddled. Wrap him up in a blanket and he is mush in your arms. Pure bliss here.


In the baby carrier, he much prefers to be inward facing. This is new to me as the other two much preferred to be facing forward looking at the world.

image2 (2)

He doesn’t like the chill of the wet wipes.


He digs bath time. And confession… I haven’t given him a single bath. They have solely been done by his daddy. It’s kind-of their special time. I did get this picture while I was at the ballet with Gwyn last weekend.

image1 (2)

How daddy does baths while I am gone. Apparently, not a peep!

He loves being warm. As in I keep the temperature in our room at about 73, which means the rest of us are like sweat machines at night. But, whatever keeps baby happy, right?


He is the first one to ever projectile poop on me. I have been peed on. Spit up on, and even pooped on normally, if there is such a thing. But to be changing the little dude on our bed after just waking up and have it clear a good 12 inches onto our comforter and my shirt  is all new to me.


He is our first dark haired baby! Gwyn came out bald, Cal came out with blonde fuzz. But this guy, lots of dark hair.


He is the loudest baby burper/tooter that I have ever heard. I am talking manly status. I get looks from passerbyers and I feel like I have to point to my sweet baby to let them know that no, it wasn’t me.

“It was me!”


Other than that, he eats, stares, poops, snuggles and sleeps.

Sweet, sweet boy. :)

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