21 vs. 31

I recently turned 31 and boy, was this birthday a whole lot different than the one celebrated a decade ago.


That was a decade ago.

(Heavy sigh..)

Ok. Moving on.

For my 21st, I was living in my sorority and I went out with all the girls wearing a “21 things you must do on  your 21st birthday” wife beater my friend had made me.  If I remember correctly, some of these things included…

Actually. Let’s just leave those as memories.

My mother is reading this. :)

Anyway, we were out until 4 am, I completed the list and I left the night feeling victorious. #likeaboss

Fast-forward a decade later and low and behold, I have three kids.

For my 31st, The Hubby arranged with his parents for them to watch the kiddos for two WHOLE days so that we could spend some quality time together. Talk about one of the best gifts EVER.

So from Friday afternoon until Sunday afternoon, it was just The Hubby, Franklin and I. There was actually a little time in there with just The Hubby and I, but I will get to that later.

So once Friday afternoon came around, I hit the streets like a wild woman and … went to Home Goods. :) By myself. Well, with Franklin, and it was glorious. Slowly going up and down each aisle without anywhere to be and I was in my happy place.

I then went to…. Target. My other happy place, and picked up some gel nipple covers.

Yep, you read that right.

Think… girls gone wild boobie pasties… except no one ever sees these and they are meant to keep nursing mothers from leaking.

You like that mental image?

Well, I was stoked to be getting these because the disposable ones just weren’t cutting it and I had been leaking through everything.

I then went home to meet The Hubby and we drove to my in-laws’ house to drop off baby Franklin and did a little celebrating over there with the kiddos before heading out with just the two of us.

image1 (2)

We ate a wonderful dinner on the river and then went out. And by out I mean out Christmas shopping! To once again the only place still open… Target. #neverletsmedown

We went all over that store getting the kids’ stocking stuffers and truly just had a great time deciding what they’d like best.

On the way home, though, was the moment I realized this birthday was so very different than that of a decade ago.

I had to pump in the car while heading back to pick up Franklin, so as I was getting ready I started to take the first gel nipple cover off and realized it was full of milk. This sent me into a panic mode as I slumped over trying not spill while hastily asking The Hubby to drive carefully. It went something like this:

Me: “Oh crap! This thing is full of milk! I am leaking all over the place. Pull over!”

He keeps driving

Me: “Ahhhhhhh! It’s spilling! Pull over!”

He turns.

“Don’t TURN! It’s all over your seat now!”

He pulls over.

Me: “Here, hold this!”

He holds my gel nipple cover filled with milk.

Him: “Well, I never thought this would be happening…”


Good times!

The next day was spent parading all over down town finishing up our Christmas shopping with baby Franklin in tow, and it was truly a nice little break from the daily grind. I was even able to spend a little birthday money while out shopping at a cute new little boutique called & Kloth. It had been quite a while since I had purchased any clothing for myself, being previously a lot rounder in the belly region, and my criteria for tops this time was whether or not they could pull down far enough so that I could nurse my babe. So, the store clerk and I went around to all of the tops tugging on the neckline to see which had a little more give.

I am sure that was a first for them! :) But, I came out victorious with a couple of new cute, yet accessible, tops.

Overall, 31 was a pretty great birthday, leakage and all.

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