Archives for December 2015

6 Minute Caramels

When I saw THIS recipe from Cook, Crave, Inspire for 6 minute microwavable caramels, I thought it was too good to be true. I LOVE caramel, especially when it is topped with sea salt. My first batch, unfortunately, came out rock hard. After confiding with a friend who had already made these before, we decided […]

21 vs. 31

I recently turned 31 and boy, was this birthday a whole lot different than the one celebrated a decade ago. Shit. That was a decade ago. (Heavy sigh..) Ok. Moving on. For my 21st, I was living in my sorority and I went out with all the girls wearing a “21 things you must do […]

Life Lately

Life lately. Hmm….. Where do I even begin? Let’s see. We brought sweet Franklin home and settled in nicely. The first night we had some trouble in the nursing department, but all is well there now. Then, a week later my mom came to visit and we had a very severe storm in our city. […]

Franklin’s Newborn and Our First Family of Five Photos

With Gwyn and Cal, I never had professional newborn photos taken. At the time, we lived in a super small town and the only photography place around charged an arm and a leg, so my lovely sister-in-law took some photos of Gwyn for me, and I took some of Cal. With being in a new […]

Franklin Turns 1 Month

Wow, how did that happen? Sweet Franklin is now a month old. Does this mean he is no longer a newborn? Or can I still call him that? Because I’d like to hold on to that title for as long as I possibly can. Some tidbits about the little guy… He loves to be cuddled. […]

House Lights in Under 5 Minutes aka One of the Happiest Moments in My Husband’s Life

While at the store the other day The Hubby came across something that for him I believe to be life-changing. The way his face lit up as he stared at the box was like watching a child stare at a bowl of ice cream. With sprinkles. Pure joy and anticipation. ‘Whatever could it be?’ you […]