Our Barn Door Bedroom Addition

Our bedroom is long.  And until recently, about half of it was never used.


With a new baby on the way, we decided this would be the perfect space for a little nursery until baby is old enough for his/her own room, and then it would be turned into an office.  So, after some research, I showed The Hubby exactly what I had in  mind and he made it happen!


Because this space had no electrical, he also had to install the lighting.


He basically gave me a couple of hours to go out and find a light, so I came home with three. :)


And ultimately decided on this one.


World Market (25% off!)




Walls are done! Now on to the doors.





Our ceilings are pretty high, so I wanted the doors to be nice and tall for a little bit of a dramatic effect, so I asked The Hubby to make them as tall as he possibly could.

IMG_1355 (2)


Almost done here! Just needed to finish the metal at the top, put the crown molding up, and put the hardware on.


The final product! And oh how I am in LOVE!!! The baby’s crib is behind the left door on the wall there, and we set up a little changing station on the desk.


And I decorated, too. :)  Curtains – DIY Tutorial HERE.  Rug- World Market (50% off). Chairs- Marshalls. Chandelier- World Market (25% off) Side table- Home Goods. Desk- Craigslist Chair- World Market (25% off)






I am SO proud of The Hubby for making this happen and so very grateful as well. We are ready for you, baby!


  1. Do you have plans or dimensions of how he did the barn doors! The whole room looks amazing! I would if you could share!

    • Thank you so much! Unfortunately no, I don’t have any plans. All I have is what I posted. My apologies!

      • Anonymous says:

        Ok I can figure out measurements I just wondered what wood and what size you used of boards to make the door.

  2. Wow these look amazing! I loved how you turned a space from something you never used into something you (and The Hubby) can be so proud of!

  3. That is gorgeous!! I absolutely love the way that turned out! Perhaps I could get the bf to try this on or space! Thanks so much for sharing this. :)

  4. I absolutely love the way you did this. Adore the high ceilings and the barn door. Thanks for the inspo!

  5. Oh my gosh! i love what you did with that space! And I love the light fixture and the pattern it gives on the walls. This was an awesome thing to do in that part of the room. I wish I was that creative!

    • Gosh, thank you Nicole! The lighting is fun, isn’t it?! I appreciate your kind words very much!

  6. Wow! You’ve really transformed the space. I love the barn doors!

  7. This turned out great! What a smart idea to make the space more usable!

  8. I LOVE that. It looks so good, and it makes for another little private space.

  9. This is so pretty, and what a great idea! I know just where I can do this in our house!

  10. Oh WOW! That is just perfect! We’re hoping to add barn doors somewhere in our house because I’m in love, and this makes me want them even more. :)

  11. Wow I absolutely love it! It gives so much character to this room!

  12. Supper cool ideas love this look.

  13. Wow, those barn doors turned out awesome! Definitely going to show my husband this post!

    Amanda || http://www.fortheloveofglitter.com

  14. This is amazing!! I would love to DIY a barn door, it looks incredible! Go girl!

  15. Wow!!! This is such a beautiful addition. I love it. :)

  16. Wow that looks amazing! Good work!

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