Dear Baby of the Family

Dear Baby of the Family:

You began as a thought, a dream, a wonder.

We prayed for you.

We cried over you.

And then you turned into a want, a need, a desire.

So we prayed for you.

And we cried over you.

And then you came into our lives and we were immediately filled with so much joy.

We were grateful for every week as you grew and grew.

Rest assured that you are healthy, growing, and perfectly ours.

Now you are almost here. And we are filled with so many emotions.

We don’t yet know who you are, but let me fill you in a little…

You are being born into this world with a big sister.

How lucky you are for this big sister.

She is protective, nurturing, smart and sweet.

You are being born into this world with a big brother.

How lucky you are for this big brother.

He is caring, inquisitive, gentle and strong.

You are being born into this world with two parents who will love you unconditionally.

Who will care for you. Who will watch over you. Who will guide you. Who will provide for you.

You have grandparents, and aunts, and uncles and friends.

You lucky babe, you.

You have already given us so much, and you are not even here yet.

Because somehow, little baby, without even knowing it, you have brought our family even closer.

You have completed us.

You are our little baby of the family.

And as long as we are living, our baby you’ll be.

So whenever you are ready, so are we!


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Photo by Glimpse Photography 


  1. I love this post, this baby is so lucky join your family! I just stumbled on your blog through Instagram a few days ago and thought you looked familiar. I feel like maybe I have seen you at MOPs before? Anyway, love it and love all your meal planning posts. I have borrowed a few recipes this week. I had a question/post idea for you too. I saw on some of your meal planning posts you had date night once a week. Is that a set thing you and your husband try to implement? Like get a sitter and once a week go out together? If so, that’s super inspiring and motivates me to try to make more time set aside for date nights! All the best with this new babe on the way :) Kayla

    • Hi Kayla! Thank you so much for your kind words! Yes, I do go to MOPS! And yes, my husband and I do date night once a week. Our babysitter just knows to come at the same time every week and we all plan for it. It was something we had to make room for in our budget, but we both feel it is completely worth it! We can count on this alone time together every week and we are investing in US. Love it and would highly recommend it! And thank you for the well wishes! So close to meeting this little babe! :) Warmly, Shannon

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