Cal’s Big Boy Vintage Sports Room

With a new baby on the way it meant one child needed to have a new room, and since Gwyn’s room is already complete, that meant it was finally time for Cal to have a big boy room.  We decided to give him this room, which is actually the biggest of the two available, it’s just awkward in shape. The windows seem strangely placed, the laminate flooring was cheap and loud and it just wasn’t very cozy. So, we had some work to do!


So the first thing we did was to take out that cheap flooring and put in some warm, cozy carpet.



Those windows still bugged me, though. And with a twin bed going in this room, it didn’t leave much space to walk around if centered on that wall. So, we had to get creative!



And when I saw this shelving unit from Beneath my Heart and this headboard from Chic on a Shoestring, I knew this would do the trick.

And it turned out beautifully!



Most of the decor for Cal’s room was used in his nursery before we moved, and this was planned from the start. I didn’t want to have to do a new theme a couple of years down the road, and I am so thankful now!


The Hubby played college football at UNR, so this print is from when he played, and the photo on the left is a magazine cover he was on as well. The smaller photo next to it is of Cal’s Poppie, who played college football as well.



The two paintings were painted by my mom, and the shadow box below them are some medals one of Cal’s great Grandpa’s received while playing baseball. The wire baskets are from TJMaxx


My mom also made the Giants clock, as well as the Playoffs memory box. The trophy was found by my mom as well.


 The vintage basketball and football were found on Etsy


My mom found these vintage prints at an antique shop, and one of them is from UNR, the college The Hubby and I attended. The Hubby was also #42 when he played, and his helmet is also displayed on the right.


 Cal’s great Grandpa played baseball in Reno and his baseball mitt is also displayed on the shelf. And the old chalkboard was up in our garage when I was a kid growing up.


The Hubby also built the awesome headboard and decided to put in this light switch, which I thought was genius. The light on the headboard is  from Lowes.


Navy roman shade from


The Hubby’s football jersey from UNR is framed on the wall, and the rest of this space is a little baseball themed corner, with a NY Yankees baseball cap I was given as a child hanging from the bat. The finger is a gift The Hubby brought home when he went to NY. The baseball bat with hooks was made by The Hubby, and everything else was found either on Etsy or Ebay. Except for the lockers, those I found at The Farm Chicks vintage show in Spokane a couple of years ago.


 Everything from this photo was found in antique shops, except for the numbers, which I was given at Cal’s baby shower. The curtains are also from


This was an awkward little corner I considered making a reading nook or putting a desk in, but we ultimately decided on this basketball hoop The Hubby built and it has quickly become Cal’s favorite part of the room.


 I made the growth chart ruler a few years back


The picture on the left is of Cal’s other Great Grandpa playing football, and the frame on the right is a newspaper article of The Hubby when he played football.  And I made the chevron lamp before Cal was born for his nursery getting all of the parts from Walmart. The frames are from thrift stores.


Cal received this little onesie at his baby shower, and I still just love it so much.


 The poster on the wall is from when The Hubby played WSU, which is the team from the town he grew up in. And the vintage stadium seats I found on Craigslist!



 All of the bedding and the night stand are from Target. Night stand was 35% off, too.


So there you have it! Cal’s big boy room. And he LOVES it. Which makes me feel so much better about moving his room. :)


  1. How is the baseball bat staying on the wall? I love this idea, just don’t know how you got the bat to stay up.

  2. Danielle yemma says:

    Can you give details on how to make the basketball hoop and rustic look?

  3. This room looks amazing! Can you tell me the name of the wall color? Thanks for the inspiration!

    • Thank you, Julie! My apologies, but we only moved into this house two years ago and the color is whatever the previous owners chose! Sorry I can’t be more help!

  4. Do you have instructions on how to make the basketball hoop? Its so cool!

  5. Would love to know how you made the basketball hoop

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