Bumpdate: Week 40 – Hello Due Date

How Far Along: 40 Weeks. Hellooooooo due date! I wasn’t sure if I would see you, but alas, here you are.

Symptoms: New this week are these sharp twinges I get on my upper inner thighs. They stop me in my tracks from walking, and if I stretch them out a bit they go away.

Embarrassing Moment: I don’t seem to have one this week. Win! I will say that my belly seems to get a lot of looks. Mostly adoring looks from women who are either saying, “awww! You’re about to have a baby, how sweet!” or they are trying to say, “Ugh, girl, I completely understand why you are walking so slow right now.”  Gwyn forgot her coat in the classroom one day after school and we walked back in to get it and this couple was having a parent/teacher conference in Gwyn’s classroom and as soon as they saw me, the conference came to an immediate halt and the questions began. They were beaming ear-to-ear at me and were mystified at the thought that I didn’t know the gender. It was kind-of sweet actually.
Movement: I feel rest-assured when I feel our little babe move. It’s a strange feeling to know that in just a matter of days we will be meeting this little one.
Sleep: I have actually been sleeping better this week, strangely. Things kind-of feel like they’ve slowed down a bit. Back up going to the restroom 2-3 times again though..
Cravings: Nothing really… I feel like I have been eating more again. Like I get hungry not too long after a meal.
Aversions: Making dinner. It is just not at ALL interesting or fun anymore.
Body changing: Total weight gained is 24 pounds. Last Wednesday I was dilated 4 cm and at 75% effaced. So, not a whole lot of change from the previous week. My next appointment is today, so we shall see!
Gender: I still think we are having a boy. I looked back on my other two pregnancy bellies and my current belly looks most similar to Gwyneth’s, but I am still convinced of a little boy.
image2 (3)
Nesting: I decided it was a good idea to actually try on a pair of the full-bum undies I bought for after labor and it’s a darn good thing I did! I don’t know WHAT I was thinking, but those things were itty bitty and the very next day I ran out to get the next size up and let’s just say I can actually make it home from the hospital now with underpants on. The Hubby also installed a garage opener on our third garage so that both cars can park in there, especially during those cold winter months.
Best Moments this week: I truly cherish memories with my family and I was hoping to make it past Halloween before having this baby so that I could go trick-or-treating with my littles. And ugh. It was so awesome. Having babes five and three who are SO into holidays makes them 100x more fun than I could have ever imagined. A highlight: At each door after Cal was given candy, he would yell “Thank you! ROOOOAAAAAR!!!!” in his scariest voice possible. But looking like a barney-dragon just produced a plethora of giggles.
 image1 (3)

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