When Big and Middle Met Little

Since we had an induction, Gwyneth and Cal knew exactly when baby was coming. Saturday, November 7th was the day.

The night before, we dropped Gwyn and Cal off with Grammie and Poppie, and they knew the next day they would be meeting their new baby brother or sister.

Because I labored so quickly with my first two, we expected this one to progress even faster, so they anxiously waited by the phone for the news.

This baby wasn’t in a hurry to come out, though, so it took a little longer. See birth story here.

But, by about 6 pm that night, we were ready for our Big and Middle to meet our Little. He was here.

Gwyn and Cal were the first ones to enter the room and immediately went straight for their daddy who was holding baby Franklin.

Gwyn took one look at him and said, “Is it a boy!?” and when learning that yes, he was a boy, she went on and on about how cute he is and was just so full of love going around to everyone and expressing her heart.


This girl was just beaming and asked if she could hold Baby Franklin over and over again.



Our sweet Cal, though, wasn’t feeliang very well, so while he had an initial interest and cuddle session with Franklin, he spent the remaining portion of the visit either bouncing on the birthing ball or cuddled in my lap, which I gladly welcomed.




So far, things have remained pretty consistent at home.

Gwyn wants to hold the baby nonstop and smother him. When someone else is holding him, she will ask about five minutes into the snuggle session if it can be her turn now and becomes upset when she’s told to wait. She just can’t get enough of him.

And at first Cal would say things like, “Can we name the next one Alex!?”

And “What’s his name again?”

Or, “Can we see if he can walk?!”

But after a few days he started referring to Franklin as HIS brother and would ask for Franklin to be able to sleep in his bed, would continually comment on his cuteness and asked to hold him often.

My favorite, though, is when he asks to “pet” Franklin. :)

I am thinking his deep appreciation for a brother is going to come a little later. 😉


image2 image3 image4 image6 image7 image8 image5

You can see who dominates the little brother holding around here. :)


  1. Such precious photos. She’s such a little momma. <3

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