Family Maternity Photo Shoot

Yesterday I shared the first half of our maternity photo shoot, (click HERE if you missed it) and today I am so excited to share the family portion. These photos represent a lot to me. They are the last family photos taken as a (somewhat) family of four. I don’t want to put aside these years because a lot of wonderful memories were made with Gwyn and Cal during this time and I look at it as a chapter in our little life book closing.

What these photos also represent is our next chapter beginning. The growing baby in my tummy. The excitement our family has shared during these last nine months as baby has grown. And the anticipation we are experiencing in these last couple of weeks before baby’s arrival.

And we are now always able to remember these times with the amazing photos Heidi from Glimpse Photography has taken. Forever cherished. Forever remembered. Forever grateful.

Morscheck Family_small-26


Morscheck Family_small-30




Morscheck Family_small-17


Morscheck Family_small-11


Morscheck Family_small-8


Morscheck Family_small-31


Morscheck Family_small-29


Morscheck Family_small-20


Morscheck Family_small-19


Morscheck Family_small-18

Morscheck Family_small-13


Morscheck Family_small-12

Morscheck Family_small-4


Morscheck Family_small-3


Morscheck Family_small-1


Morscheck Family_small-23


Morscheck Family_small-24


Morscheck Family_small-25


I never had professional maternity photos taken when I was pregnant with Gwyneth and Calvin, so to have these with our last baby  will be a cherished keepsake.

To see more of Heidi’s maternity, newborn, and family photo sessions, go HERE.

And check our her Facebook page HERE and Instagram account HERE.

The next photos we will have taken will be the newborn photos and AHH! We will finally meet our final family member! So close!


  1. Cindy Longfellow says:

    Can other family members be present, too? Like Grandmas?? :)

  2. So beautiful. These were tastefully done and I wish I had done this!

  3. Paula Silvestri says:

    Saw this on Pinterest and had to check them all out! So pretty!

  4. Andrea Brown says:

    These turned out so pretty, Shannon! Was this awkward for you at all? I think I would kind of be nervous to do this, but they turned out so well, I am sure it was worth it! I checked out her site and I love that big puffy white dress she has too. So fun!

  5. Holly Donahue says:

    I am only 13 weeks, but am already thinking about maternity pics! I love that you have your family with you in them. I’d love to have my daughter in some too! I will bookmark this page and remember to get more info when I get bigger!

  6. Anonymous says:

    Such a pretty family! Love them all!

  7. Such a pretty family! Love them all!

  8. Chelsea Hamilton says:

    My sister is due any day! Is it too late to do this? How long does it take to set up?

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