Dear Middle Child

You have always been my baby.

The baby brother to your sister.

The baby to our family.

The last one I carried in my stomach, the last one I nursed, the last one I toted around for months.

You are the one who snuggled me when your older sister refused.

The one who I let get away with more than I should have.

The one who I kept in soft footie jammies and a protective crib.

You have always been my baby.

We are about to welcome your new baby brother or sister.

And you are going to be the big brother

A new role for you lays ahead.

For this, I worry.

How will you handle being an older sibling?

How will you handle being the middle child?

How will you handle life completely changing?

For this, I worry.

It’s hard for me to imagine you in this role.

I know you will be sweet to this baby. I know you will be kind. I know you will be protective and loving, too.

You express your excitement to help, to feed, and to care. To hold and to cuddle.

And I pray you take on your new role with courage, strength and pride.

A promise we have for you though, our son, is one we will never break.

We will make sure you are not forgotten.

We will make sure your needs are met.

We will make sure you still feel important, heard and loved.

And even though you  may not be the smallest anymore, or the one who will need constant care…

You will always be my baby.



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Morscheck Family_small-4

Photo Credit: Glimpse Photography 

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