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My husband does a great job in making me feel like a beautiful woman. He really does. But the times he has exceeded my expectations are when I am expecting. I can honestly say that he has never made me feel more beautiful than when I am toting around a baby belly. He truly loves this phase of our lives and when I hear him talk about it I find myself with tears in my eyes. Not only because his words are touching, but because I am sad that this phase is so short-lived in the scheme of things. (Though it doesn’t always feel that way!)

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So, when I signed up for one of Heidi’s Boutique Maternity Sessions, something to always remember this phase, his words, and my belly by, I just knew this was going to be a memorable experience. And not only because I knew the work of Heidi Pratt at Glimpse Photography was nothing short of amazing, but because what she does includes more than just the average photo session making an expecting mama feel pretty glamorous during a time when that word might not often be used.

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What is different about Heidi is that she specializes in maternity and newborns, really making it a unique and memorable experience. Not only does the expecting mama have the opportunity to get her hair and make-up professionally done for the photo shoot, but she is also given the opportunity to choose from one of the many gorgeous gowns provided. That’s right. You don’t have to buy a dress or outfit you may only wear once for these photos. Instead, you can try on the many options ahead of time and choose the one you feel best in. The dress I am wearing is from SewTrendyAccessories and it was perfectly stretchy in all the right areas allowing me to feel quite special and pretty. I loved the lace at the bottom of the dress and how it draped off the shoulders as well.

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Having these photos is something I am forever grateful for. Because in about two weeks, this belly is going to be gone. And while I am very excited to finally meet and  hold our little babe, if I didn’t take the plunge and have these maternity photos taken, this time in our lives would soon become a faint memory. And while of course we have the photos taken ourselves along the way, they simply pale in comparison to the work done by Glimpse Photography.


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Not only did I get to take photos in an amazing gown, but I was also able to take some in an outfit of my choosing with my family. Photos that represent our last moments as a family of four. Photos expressing our excitement for our new addition. And those, are coming TOMORROW!

If you would like to learn more about everything included in one of Heidi’s maternity packages, you can contact her by clicking HERE. You can also see more examples of the many gowns you are able to choose from for your session, as well as the quality of work provided by Glimpse Photography.

To see more glimpses of Heidi’s talent, visit her Facebook page HERE and her Instagram HERE.


  1. GORGEOUS! Oh my goodness, Love these! Now I would like to have another baby LOL!

  2. Tara Dolman says:

    I am only four months along, is this far enough to do something like this?

    • I am sure you can do this whenever you would like! It’s all about how comfortable you are and at what stage you would like to remember. :) Check out Heidi’s site and contact her if interested!

  3. Mariah Sinclaire says:

    I LOVE the one of you in the water. What a gorgeous setting! My sister-in-law is expecting, I should tell her to do this!

  4. Sam Webber says:

    love these! How long was the session? Where did you get the dress? So pretty!

    • We kind-of split it in two, half was with my family, and the other half I was alone with Heidi. Maybe an hour total? The dress is a part of Heidi’s maternity collection now, and she got it from Etsy! 😉

  5. Cindy Longfellow says:

    My daughter needs to do this. I would really love to have pictures of her and our grandbaby like this!

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