Bumpdate: Week 39 – The Final Countdown

How Far Along: 39 Weeks. It’s the final countdown!

Symptoms: I pee easily. As in, if you make me laugh, I will probably pee. Let’s not laugh this week, okay?

Embarrassing Moment: The fam and I were at the pumpkin patch and The Hubby made me crack up. So much so that I had to literally cross my legs mid line of the pumpkin patch and couldn’t move forward as the line progressed. This is when I said a silent curse on that husband of mine. We then had to go home. :)
 Movement: There doesn’t seem to be as much space, but I do feel some pretty good kicks and jabs.
Sleep: Tummy aches have been keeping me from sleeping. And there have been some nights where I think, “Is this it?!” And then I wake up and no, it isn’t. And I am relieved because my mind seems to race with things I still want to do.
Cravings: I would say I haven’t actually craved anything in a long time, but the decaf skinny salted caramel mocha has been a real treat lately.
Aversions: Getting s tafter laying down. It’s a real challenge. And grocery shopping. All that walking!
Body changing: Total weight gained is 22 pounds. Last Wednesday I was dilated to a 3.5 and was 75% effaced. So I jumped 2 cm in one week! I have another appointment today and am anxious to see if there has been any change. It sure feels like it!
Nesting: I really feel like I started wrapping things up this week. I returned all library books so they aren’t forgotten about later, got my toes done because I did it with the other two pregnancies as well and for some reason deem it necessary. Wrote all thank you notes needed, created and ordered our family Shutterfly photo album for the year, got the family their flu shots taken care of, got the car washed inside and out so baby isn’t chucking kid crumbs out of his/her seat, picked up last minute items from the store including those XL maxi pads because man things are not pretty right when you get home and bought and dropped off items for Cal’s school Halloween party early. Bam. Feeling good.
Best Moments this week: My sweet, sweet friends insisted on throwing baby and I a girl’s night baby shower, which ended up being absolutely perfect. It was at a restaurant with exposed red brick walls and wooden beams, was decorated with mint, coral and glitter, which is also completely me, and was delicious! I was also surrounded by my wonderful friends and we ended up staying for 4.5 hours! We just had the best time. And one of my best friends also surprised me by flying in from Boise which was a real treat!
My amazing bible study group of fabulous women also threw baby and I a shower last Wednesday, and oh how we felt blessed. It was at my friend’s gorgeous home, was perfectly set up with a delicious breakfast and decor, and I was surrounded by so much excitement and love. I am truly empowered by these women and to have them on this baby journey with me the whole time has been such a great experience. So much wisdom!
The family and I also went to the pumpkin patch on Sunday and it was such a fun, special outing. It was kind-of our last outing as a family of four and it just held a lot of significance for me. We played, rode horses, corn mazed (I started getting some mild contractions in there, which scared The Hubby and we got out of there pretty quickly. Can you imagine?! Baby in a corn maze! Not ideal!) picked out our pumpkins and rode a tractor. It was the perfect outing.
Worst Moment of the Week: I was at the park with the kiddos and Sweet Gwyn missed one of the steps on the playground and hit her head right on the structure. As soon as I picked her up, blood was gushing everywhere. I have never seen anything like it and I started to panic. Thankfully, a friend was also at the park and she ran to her car to get a rag to put against the wound, which I couldn’t even see the severity of since it was so bloody. Meanwhile, I tried to run under the bridge on the structure while carrying Gwyn, and with this big belly of mine, I didn’t make it and we took a little fall. I finally got to my phone and called The Hubby to meet me at the ER immediately.  My friend looked up the nearest location, retrieved Cal for me, and we were off. This was one of the most stressful drives of my life. While trying to speak to my navigation to get me to the location the fastest, Gwyn was in the back seat yelling, “Am I going to die!?” over and over which of course broke my heart.
I have never waited at a red light longer than on this drive, but when we finally arrived The Hubby was there and he scooped her out of the car and ran her inside.
It ended up being a smaller cut than I would have thought with all of that blood, which I was thankful for, but she did have to get two stitches.
We all came home that day completely exhausted, and my belly was running rampant, so I laid down for a while. That whole episode just about put me into labor!
I will spare you the open wound pic, but when I got home I saw how much blood got on just me and I was shocked.
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