Bumpdate: Week 38 -Full Term and Feelin’ It

How Far Along: 38 weeks.

Symptoms: Things are really ramping up over here. Last weekend it was hard for me to get to sleep for a couple of nights because the belly was cramping up. But, nothing consistent. I am also officially waddling as the baby’s head is LOW.

At my last appointment, I was 1.5 cm dilated, 50% effaced and a zero on this baby head scale


Embarrassing Moment: Not really embarrassing, but I did have an old man ask me, “How many minutes have you got left?!” I smiled and replied, “Not many,” wishing I were instinctively more clever.
Gender: You know what is also more difficult when you choose not to find out the gender of your child? Packing the baby bag for the hospital. So, two of everything it is!
Movement: There is still a lot of movement, but not a ton of anything drastic. Not a ton of room in there for many more flips!
Sleep: Depends on the night. Some nights, achy. Some nights, just fine!
Cravings: Hard boiled eggs with salt and chocolate chunk cookies. Not in the same sitting.  Ooo and decaf skinny salted caramel lattes. MM.
Aversions: All is good.
Body changing: Total weight gained is 23 pounds so far. And either my feet are swelling, or some flats I picked up recently are now 1/2 a size too small. :(
Nesting: I was starting to feel a little panicky as the days got closer and closer with all I wanted to accomplish on my  to-do list, especially after I came home from dropping the kids off at school the other day and The Hubby had his hospital bag packed. Before me. And my eyes bulged and I knew I needed to get on it. I also needed to write out some notes for my in-laws who will be watching the kids. And pick up two coming-home outfits as well as full-butt undies for after labor because OWWW.  And bake cookies for the nursing staff at the hospital. And rearrange my living room because necessary. And get my relaxation CD on my iPod, as well as pack the kids’ bags to spend a few days with Gram and Pop. So, those were all completed in the last couple of days and I am feeling better. The Hubby also finished the barn doors in our bedroom, fixed our ice machine, cleaned up the leaves and trimmed the shrubbery in our yard and got someone to come out here to fix some of our blinds. Hubbies nest, too!
Best Moments this week: Every night Gwyn gives me a hug and a kiss goodnight. And then she gives my belly a hug and a kiss, too. I think this is just SO sweet and I will miss this.
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  1. Tanya Smallman says:

    Almost there! So exciting! Love reading these updates!

  2. Go Seahawks! Love this!

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