Bumpdate: 36 weeks. The One Month Mark

How Far Along: 36 weeks. I have one month left. One. Month. This is madness!

Symptoms: I got a good whiff of The Hubby’s coffee the other morning and whew! Stink! The baby’s head is also so low that it’s causing those twinges of pain and making it more difficult to pee. And no sudden or fast moving over here! But other than that, feeling good!

Embarrassing Moment: I had an appointment the other day where the belly was measured, the heartbeat was heard… all the normal stuff. Later that night, The Hubby was scoping out the belly and talking to our babe when he discovered IT.  About four or five inches below my bellybutton, in an area no longer visible to myself, was a hair. Probably an inch long. And sooooo out of place.  And boy, did I hear about it. “Little pig, little pig, let me in! Not by the hair on my chinny chin chin!”
And then it dawned on me. My OB HAD to have seen this insanely long, random hair while measuring my belly. GAH! Embarrassing!
Gender: I am tempted to start doing the nursery as if we are having a boy. Real tempted. But then I could be wrong. I mean I really have a 50/50 chance, but doesn’t a mother”s intuition count for something?
Movement: This little one has moved from super low jabs, to kicking my ribs. Always a good time!
Sleep: Sleep isn’t too bad actually. I pee a couple of times but I can’t complain.
Cravings: I am still having a little ice cream nightly. Yes. Mint chocolate CHIP.
Aversions: My husband’s coffee.
Body changing: Total weight gained: 23 pounds. I also have that Linea Nigra line down my belly, too. I got it with the first two kiddos as well. And when I am full, my belly button pops out. I try to push it back in, but The Hubby insists it looks cute out.
Names: I think we have a few narrowed down for each sex, though I don’t feel like one really sticks out over the other for me. Maybe “the one” hasn’t been thought of yet, or it’ll just take meeting the baby to decide.
Nesting: Last weekend we made a big push to get some things ready for baby’s arrival. We picked up some diapers, pacifiers, towels, lotions, body wash, etc., which made me feel a little better as I am starting to get nervous about being not ready for this little one to arrive. I have also had some sweet, sweet friends lend us some baby gear as well, the stuff we got rid of a couple of years ago. So, while I still feel a little bit of anxiety for not being as prepared as I was with the first two, at least we can drive the baby home safely and diaper him/her now. :)
Best Moments this week: The Hubby and I went out on a date and over dinner started writing out our birth plan. Since we are not as close to family anymore, we needed to think some things through. I also decided I really want to try hypnobirthing, so we talked a lot about that as well and how we can both prepare for that. And then we went out baby shopping, which just made it all so real!

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