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Bumpdate: Week 39 – The Final Countdown

How Far Along: 39 Weeks. It’s the final countdown! Symptoms: I pee easily. As in, if you make me laugh, I will probably pee. Let’s not laugh this week, okay? Embarrassing Moment: The fam and I were at the pumpkin patch and The Hubby made me crack up. So much so that I had to literally cross my […]

Dear Oldest Child

You were my first baby. The one who made me a mama. The one who taught me how to love in a way I never thought possible. You were my one and only baby for two years. Two years where I learned all about you. What you needed. What you wanted. How you lived. How […]

Dear Middle Child

You have always been my baby. The baby brother to your sister. The baby to our family. The last one I carried in my stomach, the last one I nursed, the last one I toted around for months. You are the one who snuggled me when your older sister refused. The one who I let […]

Bumpdate: Week 38 -Full Term and Feelin’ It

How Far Along: 38 weeks. Symptoms: Things are really ramping up over here. Last weekend it was hard for me to get to sleep for a couple of nights because the belly was cramping up. But, nothing consistent. I am also officially waddling as the baby’s head is LOW. At my last appointment, I was 1.5 cm […]

Family Maternity Photo Shoot

Yesterday I shared the first half of our maternity photo shoot, (click HERE if you missed it) and today I am so excited to share the family portion. These photos represent a lot to me. They are the last family photos taken as a (somewhat) family of four. I don’t want to put aside these […]

Cherishing the Belly – Boutique Maternity Photos

My husband does a great job in making me feel like a beautiful woman. He really does. But the times he has exceeded my expectations are when I am expecting. I can honestly say that he has never made me feel more beautiful than when I am toting around a baby belly. He truly loves […]

Bumpdate: 36 weeks. The One Month Mark

How Far Along: 36 weeks. I have one month left. One. Month. This is madness! Symptoms: I got a good whiff of The Hubby’s coffee the other morning and whew! Stink! The baby’s head is also so low that it’s causing those twinges of pain and making it more difficult to pee. And no sudden or fast […]

Three Ways to Create a Timeless Kids Room- Guest Post

Hi readers of Lady’s Little Loves! My name is Satinder and I work for Zillow writing about interior design, real estate, and home improvement. When I came across Shannon’s site, I immediately knew I wanted to offer her a design related guest post because her home is so beautifully put together. With a new baby […]

Nursery Inspiration

With Gwyn and Cal, we had their rooms complete by this time in the pregnancy, so not having done ANYTHING in this baby’s nursery has me feeling a little anxiety and guilt. But, because I have two very different visions for the room depending on whether we have a boy or a girl, I just […]