Bumpdate: Week 34 – 6 weeks to go!

How Far Along: 34 weeks. Only about six weeks to go. Wow.

Symptoms: Night time bathroom breaks. That’s about it.

Embarrassing Moment: Well… I kind of had a moment. A moment of total bitchiness. Though I didn’t mean for it to come out that way…
My sweet, sweet husband was on his way home from work one night and asked if he could pick up anything from the store on his way home. I replied that I would like Mint Chocolate Chip ice cream, the healthier kind. When he came home, the first thing he said to me was, “Don’t be mad about what I got.” This usually means he picked up something super high in fat and sugar that we both overindulge in.
After the kids were in bed and I went to the fridge to get my bowl of ice cream, I noticed that he got Mint Cookie Crunch ice cream. Not Mint Chocolate Chip. And this is when I assumed he meant he tried to do me a favor by getting something even better than what I requested, but sadly, it was not. There was no crunch as the title of the ice cream suggested and that is one of the reasons I like the mint chocolate CHIP, because of those little crunchy chips. Sounds crazy? Maybe. But try convincing a pregnant lady of that.
I tried to give it a chance and it just didn’t do it for me, so I wanted to let The Hubby know that while I appreciate him getting me ice cream, if he could please not divert from the original request by trying to do me a favor and getting something even better, it really would be much appreciated. Instead of it coming out like that, it came out:
(Insert me moving over to the couch to sit down beside him)
“Hey Love? Um, when I say I want Mint Chocolate Chip ice cream, I mean Mint Chocolate Chip.”
And he stared at me, seeing that I was completely serious. And I stared back, in silence, before giggling about how that came out.  He laughed, too, and then apologized stating that he thought he had gotten Mint Chocolate Chip. Confused, I asked what his comment was about earlier when he came home saying not to be mad about what he had gotten, and realized he wasn’t referring to my ice cream, but instead the peanut butter cookies that were now in the pantry.
So, okay, noted.
But here is what I would take away from all of this if I were the non-pregnant one: When an 8 month pregnant lady has a request, it’s probably for a very specific reason, like for say… crunchiness. Do not divert. :)
Gender: I just KNOW this baby is a boy. It’s got to be. I FEEL it.
Movement: Totally visible to those watching on the outside. And quite aggressive!
Sleep: Getting up once or twice to use the restroom. Difficult to roll over. Other than that, not too bad.
Cravings: Ice cream. Ahem. Specifics mentioned above.
Aversions: People commenting on their latest triathlon or cross-fit competition. Because I can barely walk above a 3 mph speed.
Body changing: Total weight gained: Almost 22 pounds.
image1 (58)
Names: This struggle is real. This baby isn’t going to have a name.
Nesting: We are finishing up Cal’s big boy bedroom downstairs and that has put me in full-blown nesting mode. Which also means The Hubby is in my mode as well, since he is the muscle behind this operation.
And I am LOVING how his room is coming together, which all started with this!
image1 (59)
Best Moments this week: Gwyn lost one of her front teeth and that was both traumatizing and thrilling. While the tooth was wiggly, it wasn’t ready to come out. And while laying on the ground she dropped a little mason jar snow globe on her face, knocking that bad boy out. But, the end resulted in a trip from the Tooth Fairy and she is all toothless smiles, right before picture day. :) CUTE! And we all went to the fair and had a BLAST. I pretty much love everything about the fair and look forward to going every year.
image1 (60)
Our kiddos were having WAY more fun than the girl in front of them.
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