Bumpdate: Week 32- The 8 Month Mark

How Far Along: 32 weeks. 8 months. That is so weird to say. I am eight months pregnant.

Symptoms: The belly starts to get a little achy from time-to-time, and I have been experiencing some lower back pain.

Embarrassing Moment: Can’t think of one, so doing pretty good I’d say!
Maternity Clothes: Knowing this is our last, I am holding out on buying anything maternity. I’ve got two more months to go and pretty soon the maxi dresses won’t cut it anymore, so we will see what I come up with at that point.
Gender: This baby has got to be a boy. I’ve got myself so convinced that we are having a boy that I will be SHOCKED if we have a girl.
Movement: Tons of movement in the lower regions, and none at the top. I remember feeling kicked in the ribs by my last babies, so this is still so strange that I am only feeling movement so low.
Sleep: I’m not really waking up anymore to pee, so that’s a plus. But rolling over at night make me feel like a gorilla with no arms. Huge belly trying to flop around. I’m not sure why the gorilla has to have no arms, but it just seems to make sense since gorillas have strong arms and mine feel useless at night. So, there.
Cravings: Ice cream. I am not so much craving salty things anymore…. but sweet. Hmmm….Mint chocolate chip and Blizzards are my go-tos these days.
Aversions: Super fit girls. Yeah, who needs to see that?
Body changing: Total weight gained: Almost 22 pounds.
Names: The kids suggested a few good ones. Gwyn-  Bimba and Teala. Cal- Raspberry Lula.
Nesting: I am finding myself doing weird nesting things that have nothing to do with the baby coming. Like, getting our carpets cleaned. And making curtains. “But they must get done NOW!” is that I think to myself.  We did carpet our two bedrooms downstairs because our big boy is moving down there to be in his new big boy bedroom, which we are currently working on as well. I guess that is sort-of baby prepping since the baby’s room will then be empty. The Hubby also did some MAJOR work on our yard.
Best Moments this week: Completing a couple of projects that have been on my to-do list and being overly pleased with how they turned out. Major props to my husband, too, for rocking the projects right along with me.

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