On Starting School

We have had a great summer. A busy, great, and memorable summer.

And as it nears the end, I am watching all the moms sending their children off to school with tears in their eyes. For many of the moms, they have kids starting school for the first time so this is extra sentimental for them.

And maybe I will feel that way when it is our turn, but that’s not for another week and a half.

So as of right now, I am thinking I will feel more like, HALLELUJAH!

You’re in school!

Have a GRRRRREAT time!!!

Check ya later!


You see, I have two first-time schoolers this go-around. Cal is starting preschool and Gwyn Kindergarten. This means I will have approximately 2.15 hours to myself three days a week until approximately November 4th.

So while I should be relishing in this last week of summer with my two babes, I am sort-of, mostly, just about over being the constant entertainment.

There! I said it!

OVER it. Ready to get back into school-year mode and have more of a schedule around here.

Especially since we have been flooded with fires in the area and the air is so smokey, thus keeping us indoors.

So, pass me a cocktail, or have one for me, and let’s bring on the school year!

And then baby will come and it’ll be all wonky but whathaveyou.


  1. I enjoy back to school for the schedule as well Shannon, However this year was emotional for me. My oldest daughter started 5th grade, for the first time she didn’t ask me to braid her hair the night before, while school shopping she didn’t want the cartoon backpack; she is growing up into a young lady. The days of walking her to the door are drifting away, the “mommy can you paint my nails?” are faint whispers. This is her last year of elementary school. For me this year I am enjoying every minute and milestone with her, Junior high/middle school is just around the corner and she will become her own person a little more each day.
    She is a wonderful kid, works hard at school, she is friends with anyone and everyone, showing no judgement. She sticks up for the “little” guys, she is in Band and Leadership and swims for the Carson Tigersharks. Like I have said it goes by so fast.
    My little one is in 2nd grade now and again going back to school brought tears to my eyes. I have no babies at home anymore (at least not yet, we aren’t preventing 😉 )
    So well the break is nice while they are at school, its just a reminder to me that they are growing up and before I know it they will be on their own.
    Sorry this was kind of long.

    • Christina,
      Awww, this made me sad! I am almost certain when Gwyn’s day comes for her first day of school I will be more emotional than I was expecting. I think the tiredness of pregnancy, the smoke that has been in the air keeping us indoors, and seeing everyone else starting school just had me READY!
      But yes, once grade school hits (we are still half-day kinder here) I basically don’t get to see her for the majority of the day and that makes me sad!

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