Life Lately

After The Hubby was gone for 17 days… YES… I SAID 17, I was just about done-in for. But counting down the days to his return kept me going, as did watching the full series of One Tree Hill. I am embarrassed to admit this. But yes, my evenings were filled with teenage drama which made me feel better about myself. :) The day he came home we were SO excited and greeted him at the airport.

image4 (3)

The next day we went to a family wedding. And I just love dressed up little people. Don’t you?

image3 (4)

A few days later we hopped on a plane and flew to my hometown. The first week we stayed with my parents and the kids were just so spoiled with love and thoughtfulness. My mom really knows how to make these littles feel pretty special.

Fruit Car Snacks



Princess tea parties with perfect pinkies.



Army men galore.

image4Pedis for all! And don’t be fooled, Cal loves his little tootsies rubbed as much as the rest of us!


image6 image5

 Extra snuggles from Great Grandpa Mo


 Children’s museum play

image2 (3) image1 (3)

 Farmer’s Market perusing

image4 (2) image3 (3)


Park play-dates with friends

image5 (2)

 Train rides with Grandma, Grandpa and Great-Grandpa Mo

image2 (2) image1 (2)

Fun play at Bower’s Mansion, a place I used to frequent often as a child, and the very first place Gwyn mastered the monkey bars! And as a mom witnessing her  accomplish something new just made me so proud!

image2 (4)

And our last adventure was a trip to Virginia City, an old ghost town nearby that I have fond memories of visiting as a child. We rode the train, had old-time photos taken and of course hit up the barrels and barrels of candy.

image2 (5) image1 (4)


Next week we are on to more adventures before heading home and getting ready for school to start.

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