Bumpdate: Week 30

How Far Along: 30 weeks. That feels SO…. far along. I am in my 30’s. Wow.

Symptoms: I actually feel like I am further along, physically. My jogs have turned into fast walks and even those I am thinking may need to cease. I was on one the other day and my whole belly started cramping. Kind-of telling me, “Hey lady! Stop that!” I didn’t really exercise with my first two pregnancies, so I am not sure if this is normal or not. With Gwyn I did my first yoga class but decided the last five  minutes of that sleeping pose was my favorite and thus I was not really benefiting much from it. After that, I did nothing. And with Cal it was more like, “SCORE! I am pregnant! Now I can sit for 9 months!”

Embarrassing Moment: This doesn’t really have anything to do with being pregnant, but I was out running errands with Gwyn and Cal  yesterday and while at the counter returning an item, I look over and see Gwyn dragging Cal’s limp body across the store, not paying any attention to my death glare.
Maternity Clothes: I am down to only two pairs of workout pants that I like to wear. And maxi dresses. So on rotate they go.
Gender: If I had to guess, I am putting my money down on boy. While I realize it’s a myth, they say if you’re carrying low then you’re having a boy, and this baby is LOW. That and I think I am just so used to having a baby boy and it’s been so long since we’ve had a baby girl in the house. So, there. Boy.
Movement: Like a boss!
Sleep: Sleep has not been the best. I could NOT get comfortable the other night that I almost started crying I was so desperate for sleep.
Cravings: I hadn’t been to Dairy Queen in YEARS. And then one night it just sounded SO good that I put The Hubby to the test. It was about 9:00 at night and I asked him to go. After asking if this was a test, and with me replying that yes, it was, he went on his way and returned with a Heath and Oreo Blizzard and it was delicious. He passed. Speaking of passing tests though, he did fail my other test.  I was SO tired the other night that I just couldn’t peal myself from the bed to the bathroom to brush my teeth, wash my face and take out my contacts. So, I asked The Hubby to get me a few items: my toothbrush with toothpaste on it, a cup to spit in, a face towelette and my contact case and solution. And then asked if he would please brush my teeth. Not a lot to ask for, right? I mean I AM carrying his child. He politely declined and instead hoisted me up and drug me to the bathroom. I guess I will give it a passing grade.
Aversions: Cooking. I have an aversion to cooking. I really don’t like doing it right now.
Body changing: Total weight gained so far is 20 pounds. And I tried on a pair of flats the other day and they were tight. FUN!
Names: I am starting to stress out about finding a boy name. There isn’t THAT much time left! And we ran into some neighbors the other day who recently had a boy and low and behold, they named their baby something that I had my eye on. Wesley. Strong. Adorable. Cutie cutie Wesley. But now, it’s out. Because I am like that.
Nesting: There are some things on my wish list that I would LOVE to have done before the baby comes, and organizing our garage was one of them. Because the baby will care so much about our organized garage. :) But, The Hubby and I busted that baby out last Sunday and I. LOVE. IT!! While I may not love the process of organizing, I love the outcome. Thus, I think some before and after pics are necessary. You may go ahead and shudder at the befores…
image1 (4) image2 (4) image3 (3) image4 (3)
image5 (2)
And after:
image1 (2) image2 (2)
image1 (2) image3 (2)
We have since picked up one more black strip to hang a few more things from as well as a shelf, and The Hubby is going to install that door opener because he can actually park in the garage now. Imagine that.
This kind of thing just makes me happy, happy, happy.
Best Moments this week: I was in bed snuggling with Gwyn and she was just being so sweet with my belly. Telling me how much she LOVES this baby and although she wants a girl, she will still love it if it’s a boy. Makes me so happy to see her so excited about what is to come.

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