On Why Kids Watching TV is Okay

Since I’ve become a parent I have been aware of all of the statistics and articles that say why TV is so bad for kids.

And I get it. Really, I do.

I followed these guidelines with Gwyneth, our first born, as suggested by the professionals. No TV until two-years-old and then after that only very limited.

And then we had Calvin. And trying to entertain a two-year-old while nursing a new baby was exhausting. So, when I ran out of entertaining options while nursing my wee one and decided having my chest ripped off due to a squirming toddler and nursing baby both wanting my attention wasn’t going to cut it anymore, on went the TV. And I sure did feel guilty about it. But man, it sure was less stressful!

And even now that I am done nursing (currently!)  I will say that entertaining kids during all hours of the day, every day, is sometimes just too much and a break is needed.

I overheard a mom at the science center the other day boasting to another gal, maybe it was her friend, I am not sure, about how her children never watch TV. Ever. She  went on and on about it and the other mama was quiet. She nodded along with the gal but it was quite obvious she was uncomfortable and I so wish during that moment I had spoken up.

So mama, if you are reading this… I am speaking up to you now!

Maybe one day I want to take a shower without my house becoming destroyed. Just a nice, hot, uninterrupted shower without a child banging o n the glass for me to get out.  So a tv show goes on. And that is okay.

And maybe another day I want to make dinner without continually interrupting sibling rivalry. And that is okay, too.

And what about that day when I am just plain exhausted?

Or sick? Or throwing up from pregnancy?

Should I really feel guilty for allowing my kids to watch a show? Heck, two?


And you shouldn’t, either.

I am not telling you it’s okay to let the TV consume your lives. But, don’t feel guilty the next time you need a little break. They really will be okay.

And afterward, you will probably feel refreshed and/or accomplished and can go about your day. Maybe you’ll even be a better mom/dad/grandparent/whatever it may be after that, too.

So, there you go.

It’s okay.

Don’t feel guilty.

And next time Mama at the Science Center…I will speak up. Maybe it’s none of my business. But I will dig you out of that pit your “friend” is burying you in and let you know that it’s okay. And then maybe throat chop her, too. :)




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  1. I was just thinking about this the other day. Thank you for your honesty. A little TV won’t ruin your kid or deplete their brain cells. Some days it is just all about survival!! :-)

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